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Salido Does It Again, Stops Kokietgym in 11

To say Orlando Salido is the ultimate road-tested traveler might be the greatest understatement ever. Bill Tibbs reports.

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beIN and Salido Strike Again

That beIN network is something…What? You’ve never heard of it? Well, read on because it gave us another fight to rave about.

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Gym Dandy

Let’s take a break for UCNation identification; shall we? And I say we break to identify the most legendary boxing gyms ever.


Will “Dynamite” Dargan Finally Explode?

All you gotta do is light the wick and everything goes…boom. That’s how dynamite works, right? Karl Dargan, take thy nickname.

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The Soapbox – Sept. 19, 2014

What better platform on which to rant about the soap opera known as boxing than “The Soapbox”? Lather up, UCNation…

Photo courtesy of Sheer Sports Management's Facebook page

Sheer Sports Management: Determination, Dedication and Courage

New blood and new ideas come together to create a new representation team in Sheer Sports Management. Bill Tibbs reports.

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Trouble in Paradise?

Luke and Laura. Hulk and Linda Hogan. Ren and Stimpy. Power couples break up. And Floyd and Leonard are no exception.