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Trouble in Paradise?

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Sheer Sports Management: Determination, Dedication and Courage

New blood and new ideas come together to create a new representation team in Sheer Sports Management. Bill Tibbs reports.

Photo by Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

Trouble in Paradise?

Luke and Laura. Hulk and Linda Hogan. Ren and Stimpy. Power couples break up. And Floyd and Leonard are no exception.

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Pelullo to Go to Russia with Love

Be it ever so humble for a rumble, there’s no place like home…especially if it’s Mother Russia and you’re Ruslan Provodnikov.


UCN ORIGINAL – “Gloves Off” with Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini and Steve Kim on MAYHEM

Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini and Steve Kim discuss the rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana on September 13, 2014.

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What’s in Floyd’s Fighting Future?

What’s next for boxing’s pound-for-pound best, Floyd Mayweather? Unless it’s Manny Pacquiao, who really gives a rat’s ass?


PRESS RELEASE – GGG LA Debut a Big Hit with Fans

Due to an overwhelming response, they are adding standing room only seats for “Mexican Style” for $27.

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So Floyd Mayweather gave another virtuoso performance and kept his precious zero intact. Well, whoopdie-doo there, Meathead.