UCN Week In Review – “He Hit Like You Owe Him Money”

A few weeks ago, when UCN got some exclusive early access to Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, we ran into a new character in Big Bear as Abel Sanchez and Team GGG prepare for next week’s fight against Kell Brook in London.  Sparring parter to the middleweight champion of the world, Kenneth McNeil, came up with our article headline in explaining the power of Gennady’s punch – “he hit like you owe him money.”


McNeil also boasted about being able to run down Golovkin in the last sprint of the day (a 250-yarder).  McNeil was as entertaining as he was wrong.  Notwithstanding the fact that UCN has some of the best writers and contributors on the planet, at our core, we are a video company, born in the tradition of HBO and Showtime and their in-depth coverage of the sport.  Our latest work with the Countdown to Golovkin vs. Brook is our best work yet.  Check it out.


Articles of the Week

Kovalev-Ward is on (No, really. It is.) – Steve Kim on the much anticipated match-up between Ward and Kovalev finally coming together.

They just were – Marty Mulcahey on the “it” factor and those in boxing history that were full of “it”.

Why many great amateurs never turn pro – Rian Scalia with another great piece on the amateur game, the man knows his stuff.

Outside the Ropes: Sept. 4, 2016 – the first sentence of the latest from Boxing Don Dinkens: “There’s some strange shit taking place in my favorite sport these days.”  Something he calls “Pugilistic Bitchitis”–yes you should be reading the Don.

Edgar Valerio and Ricky Hesia are Peaches & Herb – lost on our younger readers I am sure, Steve Kim on trainer and his young fighter reunited.


Videos of the Week

Countdown to Golovkin vs. Brook

UCN Facebook Live Series – David “June Bug” Mijares


Best of the Rocky Balboa Series

Tweets of the Week








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