Wanna bet? Not really…

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Canelo Alvarez


Last week, a five-city press tour took place to promote the May 6 Mexican showdown at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas between Saul Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. It was already a highly anticipated bout to begin with (evident by the thousands of fans who showed up at every stop) and things were ramped up a few levels as the two Mexican stars made a wager with their entire purses during one of their televised appearances together.


And it was something that certainly captured the attention of the public and went viral on social media. It certainly was a stroke of promotional genius and it was just that: Promoting.


C’mon, you really didn’t believe that was ever going to happen; did you?


Everyone involved with the event, while enjoying the buzz it created, also wanted no part of the responsibility of handling and carrying out such a wager.


“I don’t want to get myself involved in that much of a money exchange, so I’m staying out,” said the founder of Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya at the Plaza Mexico in Lynwood, California where the press tour concluded on Friday. The President of GBP Eric Gomez added, “We’re not getting involved at all. That’s a gentlemen’s agreement between them and we’re out of it. We’re not for it; we’re not against it.”


Eventually cooler heads prevailed and, at the behest of Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., the bet was called off.


Yes, father knows best.


Yeah, it seems great in theory (boxers betting their entire purses) but, in reality, it doesn’t seem all that fair and could become problematic. Think about it: Fighters’ purses are really determined by the market value of the boxers involved. A guy like “Canelo,” one of the game’s true marquee attractions, can routinely command eight-figure paydays, while his opponents get far less as the B-sides. They normally receive career-high paydays for their efforts. For this contest, Chavez is guaranteed $6,000,000.


Now the problem here is why should Alvarez be forced to put up his whole purse, which is worth several times more than Chavez’s? Then, on the flipside, why shouldn’t Chavez get some odds? (At this point, he’s about a 7-to-1 ‘dog versus his rival.)


And then there is the issue of how to actually execute this bet. Do you put the money into an escrow account or do you go through a sports book? Seriously, who holds the money? How would the funds be released? What would the tax implications be? What if somebody welshes on the bet (ahem, Jean Pascal)?


Also, what if there’s a scandalous decision that is rendered? (Yeah, sports wagering has led to some corruption in the past; believe it or not.) What if Chavez can’t make the 164.5-pound catchweight? Then what? Perhaps understanding all this, the Nevada State Athletic Commission frowned upon the proposition.


However, beyond all that is this – fighters have relatively short shelf lives. Just about every fight comes at a certain cost to a boxer’s well-being. Bottom line is when they perform, they should get paid. Now, if they want to spend/squander it on wine, women and song, well, that’s their prerogative. But, at the end of their night’s work, they should take home a check. (Now, if they want to do a side bet where a smaller portion of their purse is put up, maybe that would be more reasonable.)


What Alvarez and Chavez will be fighting for on May 6 will not be each other’s purses but for pride and bragging rights.


That should be enough.





Despite what Manny Pacquiao has stated on social media and what his adviser Mike Koncz is telling the Filipino press, Top Rank Promotions’ Bob Arum still isn’t signing off on Pacquiao-Amir Khan in the United Arab Emirates.


Just my opinion but I think Arum wants some real proof that this offer Koncz has solicited is legitimate and guaranteed. By the way, April 23 is about seven weeks from now. They need to get moving one way or the other.


But its clear that wherever the most money is will be where Pacquiao fights. If that’s Antarctica, he’ll fight on an iceberg. If that’s Saturn, he’ll box on one of those rings. He’s now “Money (grab)” Pacquiao.





Here’s this week’s episode of “The 3 Knockdown Rules,” in which Mario Lopez and I review this past weekend’s card on FOX and preview Keith Thurman-Danny Garcia.





It was announced that Sugar Ray Leonard will be part of the CBS broadcast crew on Saturday night…AWE and KlowdTV.com will air the British grudge match between Tony Bellew and David Haye on Saturday…The March 11 card on Showtime has been scrapped as Oscar Escandon has a back injury. He was scheduled to face WBC featherweight titlist Gary Russell Jr. from the MGM National Harbor near the Washington D.C. area…Avtandil Khurtsidze will face Tommy Langford for the WBO interim 160-pound title on April 22…Golden Boy has announced that Lucas Matthysse will face Emmanuel Taylor on the Canelo-Chavez undercard on May 6. I think this is a solid match-up…The Viceland Sports feature on youth football in Liberty City, Florida, was outstanding, really enjoyed it…The web series on Bob Hurley Sr. on Showtime is great…“Crashing” on HBO is funny…Anyone else having viewing parties for the NFL Combine? Yeah, me too…I can be reached at k9kim@yahoo.com and I tweet (a lot) at twitter.com/steveucnlive. I also share photos of stuff at instagram.com/steveucnlive and can also be found at tsu.co/steveucnlive.





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