Undefeated Joey Alday Jr. is excited about the next chapter in his career


Undefeated, Odessa, Texas native Joey Alday, 7-0 (7), recently signed with Los Angeles-based Sheer Sports Management and GH3 Promotions. At only 23 years of age, Alday is primed and excited about the next phase of his nascent career, as he looks to make some noise in the junior middleweight division.


Alday, who turned pro two years ago, has shown the ability to both box and bang off his 6-foot-1 frame.


Alday, who started boxing at the age of 9, came into the professional ranks off an impressive amateur career that saw him build an impressive 225-23 record, including a 2013 United States national title win. Alday, who trains out of Woodland Hills, California to prepare for fights, also competed in the 2014 and 2015 U.S. Olympic Trials.


Alday is excited to get back in the ring in the very near future, in first bout with his new promoter and management team.


UCNLive.com recently caught up with Alday to get his thoughts on his new management and promotional teams, his upcoming bout and what he hopes to see in the rest of 2018.


Bill Tibbs: Hi Joey; thanks for taking a minute to chat.


Joey Alday: No problem. Thank you.


BT: You are living and training in California?


JA: Yes, I’m from Texas but we come out here to Woodland Hills, California, for camp.


BT: You recently signed with a new management and promoter.


JA: Yes, I signed with GH3 Promotions, out of New Jersey, and also with Sheer Sports Management, based out of Los Angeles. I’m real excited about it, as I know both will get me the fights I want, and need, to make the steps I want in my career. I feel I have a great team and am now very excited to get back in the ring.


BT: You are only 23 years old. Do you see yourself staying at 154 pounds?


JA: I walk around about 168 and don’t let myself get any higher than that, 168-170. I can make 154 and still feel strong. Making weight is always tough but I do it and still feel strong, so until my body tells me different, I’ll fight at 154.


BT: You’ll be back in the ring before long. How many times would you like to fight this year?


JA: I hope to have five fights this year. We already have a few lined up. If we get out of this fight safe and not hurt, then it is on to the next one. But, yeah, if all goes well, five fights this year would be good.


BT: How would you describe your style?


JA: I would describe myself as a boxer-puncher. I don’t just stay in there and trade punches but I do describe myself as heavy-handed; I guess you could say. So I can always turn things around with a good punch. But I guess I would best describe myself as a boxer-puncher.


BT: What gym are you training in when you are out in California?


JA: I train out of Buddy McGirt’s gym, Pullman’s Gym. He’s got lots of good athletes out of here but that is mainly where we are working out here.


BT: You are training with your father?


JA: Yes, I am. I also have my cutman Raymond Franco and, yes, my father Jose Alday Sr. Both have been with me since the start of my boxing career. My dad is my coach, nutritionist, conditioning. You name it; he does it all.


BT: What are you hoping to see for 2018?


JA: I’m just excited to get in the ring. I don’t care where I fight, who they put in front of me. I’m just ready to go. I’ll listen to the game plan that my dad has for me and do my job. I’m looking forward to giving the fans a good fight in my next bout. I am very excited to get back in the ring, get my next win and then go from there.


BT: Thanks for the chat. Best of luck in your next fight.


JA: Thank you Bill; I appreciate it. God bless.




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