UCN Week in Review – Oops TMZ, Greatest Trilogies


A Hard-Knock Life for Roc Nation Sports – Steve Kim (@steveucnlive) on the seemingly overshadowed JayZ and RocNation Sports’ uneven out of the blocks with boxing.

Shuffling the Pawns: An Uneducated Hypothesis – John Chavez (@boxingbookie) with an in depth look at the rocky relationship between advertising and boxing and how Al Haymon may be setting out to smooth it over through Premier Boxing Champions.

Floyd vs. Manny?  Nope Again – Bill Tibbs (@tibbs_bill) on the never-ending story flamed by TMZ (sorry Doug Fischer, had to do it) and more trials and tribulations for #MayPac.

Shooting Stars to Shots Fired / Donald Trump: The Art of the Boxing Deal – two from John Lepak (@Lightning_JL) with fascinating stories of Kronk’s “Mr. Wonderful” Ricky Womack and a promising career gone off track, and The Donald’s foray into boxing back in the day.

The Pugil List: 10 Greatest Trilogies – Marty Mulcahey (@MartinMulcahey) on the best all-tim 3-somes in the fight game.



With all due respect to our The Professor, Marty Mulcahey, we believe honorable mention goes the Super Bantamweights Daniel Zaragoza and Paul Banke who met 3 times at the Fabulous Forum from 1989-1991.  These battles are electric (and can be found on UCN on Hulu).

Zaragoza vs. Banke I

Zaragoza vs. Banke II

Zaragoza vs. Banke III


UCN Original Series – THE GYM SERIES – Who’s Next Boxing Academy

The Who’s Next Boxing Academy, the workout home of Leo Santa Cruz, is small but packs a punch, as fighters get their work in and owner-operator Javier Adame looks for the next big fighter to come through.