Tom Loeffler goes 360


When you think of Tom Loeffler, the first thing that usually comes to mind is his guidance of unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin over the past several years. Since taking over the reins of this career, at the beginning of 2012, Loeffler’s patient manner and deft tactical moves have placed “GGG” among the biggest stars in the sport. Things culminated last September, as Golovkin faced Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in one of the highest grossing fights in recent history.


Now Loeffler has announced the formation of 360 Promotions, which will be the lead promoter for the “SuperFly 2” card, on February 24, at the Forum, in Inglewood, California, that will be televised on HBO.


The goal is to try to develop and cultivate another Golovkin.


Loeffler explained, “The reason to start the new company is that GGG Promotions will do all of Gennady’s fights, K2 (Promotions) will do (WBO cruiserweight titlist Oleksandr) Usyk and (undisputed female welterweight champion) Cecilia Braekhus’ fights, in conjunction with K2 Ukraine, for Usyk, and 360 will give me more leeway and flexibility to sign other fighters.”


And this new venture will start at the grass roots level, in early March, and will be based in the Los Angeles/Hollywood-area.


“We’re going to start a club show series,” stated Loeffler, who is still working out all the logistics for this program. “It’s a lot of flexibility I didn’t have before, as being more aggressive, signing fighters and just to build fighters without major TV dates, which we’ve had for K2 and GGG Promotions.”


According to Loeffler, the company will start modestly in the upcoming year.


“Five shows in 2018,” he stated, “that would give us in addition to the HBO dates that we have, enough dates to keep the fighters active that we sign, to build them to a premium television level.”


Now, the process begins, in terms of constructing a roster of boxers. Loeffler says he will be selective in signing up fighters. “Again, that’s the flexibility. Before, with the liability going directly to Wladimir (Klitschko) or going directly to Gennady, it only made sense to focus on their fights for them but this allows me to have the vehicle to sign fighters with the success of the Klitschkos, the success of ‘Triple G,’ with the success of (Roman) ‘Chocolatito’ (Gonzalez).


“I had a lot of people wanting to work with me now because we have more flexibility to sign fighters, who like the way I promote fighters.”


Best known for his associations with Klitschko and Golovkin, and before that, as part of Mouthpiece Productions (which managed the careers of Kevin Kelley, Oba Carr, John David Jackson, James Toney, Shane Mosley, Ed Mahone and Carlos Navarro, at various points), Loeffler believes his reputation speaks for itself and gives him instant credibility.


He says, “I think it definitely helps. Again, the success that we’ve had – and then we’ll have the same core team that will be the same – we’ve never been involved in a developmental series and this is what this will be. So this will be a new venture for me.”


It’s one thing to be a part of promotions shown on premium cable, that come with seven-figure license fees or major pay-per-view cards that are held in spacious venues. However, club shows are often times about building toward the future and hopefully you can break even financially. Loeffler is well aware of this.


“There’s some good blueprints for club shows here in the L.A. area. I’d like to bring our own style, some of the things we do on our bigger shows to the club show level, getting different celebrities, VIPs to come and support the series,” he states. “I think it will be a good transition between the high-end, world championship fights that we do to developing amateur standouts who turn pro and keep them busy.”


The Los Angeles/Southern California-region has no shortage of club shows with Thompson Boxing Promotions doing its monthly series at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario; Roy Englebrecht has been around for years with his “Fight Club OC” and Golden Boy Promotions has done its “L.A. Fight Club,” from the Belasco Theater, the past few years (although that series is currently in limbo). In 2018, Loeffler says the plan is for around five of the club cards and, in 2019, “it could be anywhere from six shows and, if it’s a successful formula, it can turn into a monthly series.”


So all 360 Promotions needs now are fighters. And yes, managers and trainers are buzzing Loeffler.


“We’re still at the stage where people are calling me and I’m not able to sign them yet,” he says, “but if someone calls me and says, ‘I got the next Triple G,’ you have to look at it. But I’m not actively going to the gyms signing fighters or telling people to bring me fighters. But certainly now I’m at least able to see what’s out there and, if someone looks interesting, then I can see if I can come up with a game plan to sign them.”





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