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Photo courtesy of Vinnie Paz

Photo courtesy of Vinnie Paz


It’s been awhile, ladies and germs. I hope life has been treating you all well. I’ve been MIA from UCNLive due to heavy touring and being in the studio but I’m back like I never left.


I’d be remiss if I neglected the steady and consistent bashing of IBF/WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin by some (obviously clueless) “fans.” Look, I’m not gonna use this column as a platform to teach oblivious casual fans about the intricacies of the Sweet Science. It’ll fall on deaf ears but I will say this: “GGG” continues to make very capable, Top 10 guys look like club fighters. Nobuhiro Ishida has an iron chin and Golovkin earthed him. James Kirkland, Paul Williams or Dmitry Pirog couldn’t hurt Ishida. Golovkin beat Curtis Stevens into submission. Daniel Geale, Marco Antonio Rubio, Martin Murray and David Lemieux were all champions. If you think they were – or are – easy touches, you’re missing a chromosome. Golovkin has destructive power in both hands, an iron chin, a brilliant jab and cuts the ring off beautifully. The kid even has the Bob Fitzsimmons/Stanley Ketchel shift in his repertoire.


He does everything right.


For those who say, “He got hit too much,” well guess what? Jake LaMotta and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. got hit too. Not being Nicolino Locche doesn’t mean you’re defensively irresponsible; it means you’re willing to mix it up a little to get your shit off. A closed mouth don’t get fed and if you think I’m just blindly defending Golovkin, we can discuss his amateur pedigree: 345-5, won the Junior World Championships in Budapest, the Asian Games in Busan, South Korea, and won the World Championships in Bangkok and the Olympic silver medal as a member of the Kazakhstani Olympic Team (after beating Andre Dirrell). So when you go on uneducated “GGG can’t box” rants, just remind yourself that you’re talking about someone who boxed his way to a 345-5 amateur record and multiple medals.


You sound stupid.


Add the fact that he’s the nicest guy in the world and a humble family man and I cant help but wonder if the hatred comes from the fact that he may be a bit too – *ahem* – “pale” for some fans. Just give the kid the big fights he’s been BEGGING for and I won’t have to cover this topic again.




Before I get to this Saturday’s big pay-per-view, I figured I’d touch on last weekend’s cards, brought to us by the loathsome Al Haymon. The Dirrells are gonna Dirrell and that’s what they did. Neither of them can beat a top guy but Haymon allows them to flourish, financially, at least. On Saturday, we hopefully saw Victor Ortiz for the last time. Have you ever, in your life, seen someone so happy after getting the dog shit knocked outta him? It’s unprecedented. He needs to go away.


Over on Showtime, we saw Rogelio “Porky” Medina fight VERY well against IBF super middleweight champ James DeGale. I’m a DeGale fan and I scored the bout 114-114. Official ringside judges Steve Gray and Tony Paolillo’s scores of 117-111 are unconscionable. This is where I’d go on a Teddy Atlas-esque rant about a national commission or judges being forced to be accountable but you don’t wanna hear that.


I think WBC super middleweight champion Badou Jack did what he needed to do to beat a 36-year-old Lucian Bute but I’m not gonna lie and say it wasn’t entertaining to see Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s TMT on the shitty end of a decision. (Anybody remember 4/20/02? No?) Jokes aside, as I said, Jack did enough to win. I had it 116-112. The fact that Floyd didn’t want Showtime’s Jim Gray to talk to Bute in the post-fight interviews says a lot about the type of man he is. Keep it classy, Floyd.




This leads us to Saturday night: Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan. I’m not mad at this undercard at all. David Lemieux-Glen Tapia should be fun while it lasts. I see Tapia going to bed in the seventh. Mauricio Herrera-Frankie Gomez is an intriguing match-up. Herrera can’t catch a break as he beat Danny Garcia clean in Puerto Rico – and got hosed. The same can be said for his “L” to Jose Benavidez. My pick? I think Herrera out-boxes and frustrates Gomez. Can he get a decision against an undefeated Golden Boy Promotions fighter? We’ll know soon enough. Patrick Teixeira vs. Curtis Stevens is also intriguing, if only because we don’t know much about Teixeira and what we do know came from suspect opposition. Look, this isn’t hard to break down. If Teixeira is even solid, he beats Stevens. This is obviously a “measuring stick” fight for both Teixeira and Golden Boy. In Stevens; last (real) fight, he lost to Hassan N’Dam. That said, he can still crack. If Teixeira can neutralize Stevens’ left hook, I see him winning a unanimous decision. Either way, we should find out what he’s made of.


In the main event, we have Canelo-Khan. Look, there are articles everywhere about this fight, including mainstream media outlets, so you’ve probably inundated with predictions from guys who watch one fight a year. That type of journalism muddies the waters for a casual fan who just wants to play some catch-up before watching the fight. I’ll make this short and sweet for you: Khan, a guy who turned pro at lightweight, was flattened by Breidis Prescott and Danny Garcia and wobbled by guys like Marcos Maidana, Julio Diaz and a feather-fisted Chris Algieri. He’s going up to fight a kid with heavy hands, who comes into the ring as high as 178 pounds. Back in the day, all-time greats did things like this often and some succeeded. But this is not back in the day and Khan is not an all-time great. A lot has been made about Khan’s speed but I see the added weight slowing him down. It will also catch up to him, I’d say, somewhere around the fifth or sixth round. WBC middleweight champion Canelo will bang the body early, setting up head shots for the mid-rounds. I see a Canelo left hook earthing Khan in the sixth. I’m very curious to see how it plays out until he gets caught though. Then the question becomes: Will Oscar continue to insist that Canelo-GGG “marinate” or will they do the right thing and make the fight in September? Stay tuned.



Pazzy’s Pound-for-Pound List:


1) Roman Gonzalez
2) Andre Ward
3) Sergey Kovalev
4) Gennady Golovkin
5) Vasyl Lomachenko
6) Guillermo Rigondeaux
7) Terence Crawford
8) Canelo Alvarez
9) Shinsuke Yamanaka
10) Naoya Inoue



Well, I guess that’s it. Enjoy the fights; have a good weekend and be safe out there. Thanks for listening to a fellow boxing nerd rant. If you hated my little article, please send all hate mail to Steve “K9” Kim. if you enjoyed it, please send all love, money, porn and contraband to me, Vinnie Paz at or on Twitter at @vinnie_paz.




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