They said it: Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez

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Predictions roll in as tonight’s Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez middleweight championship super-fight (HBO Pay-Per-View, 8 pm. ET/ 5 p.m. PT) nears…


“I think the fight is coming along at a really good time for Canelo. Golovkin has shown a little bit more vulnerability lately in the (Kell) Brook and the Danny Jacobs fights. Canelo took his time moving up to 160; it won’t surprise me if he’s the bigger fighter in the ring at the time of the fight because he does blow up after the weigh-in. I like his chances; I’m picking him to win in a minor upset. You know the odds are not very wide for Golovkin, not as big as they would have been a couple of years ago, so maybe the fight is just coming at the right time for Canelo but I give him a real good chance to outbox Golovkin. Obviously, if he can’t take the big punch, well, then he’s going to get knocked out because he’s going to give Golovkin chances but if he can box him and limit the danger, and limit the number of big punches he takes, I could see him like squeezing out a 12-round decision.” – Showtime boxing analyst Steve Farhood


“Let no one bet the house on either of them because it’s an unpredictable match. I see this as being very even, 50/50, and the fighter who will win will be the one that manages to impose his fight plan. It’s the kind of fight where the mental aspect will be decisive, even more than the physical one. Both fighters need to be very smart; they must cover their chin well, keep their guard up.” – Former five-division world champion Sugar Ray Leonard


“He’s strong and powerful like James Toney. He’s strong and handles his business. I think “GGG” will knock him out” – Former three-division world champion James Toney


“I think the time for the fight is right. Canelo is ready and feels strong physically and is naturally in a better place. As far as GGG, he wasn’t fighting the same level of opposition like he was with the Jacobs fight. He dominated world champions but they were at a slightly different level. GGG didn’t look the way he did before with Danny Jacobs. With Canelo, he is fighting a strong middleweight. GGG will have his work cut out for him. Both guys are fighting top guys in their division; I see it as an even fight.” – WBC world lightweight champion Mikey Garcia


“It’s going to be a great fight, a great night for boxing. I think they are really skilled guys and they have to find their key to beat each other” – WBO world junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto


“I feel Canelo has a good chance to win but we will see when the fight takes place. I feel he has a good chance to beat GGG. I don’t think it will be his movement (that wins); I think it will be his power. He has power.” – Former three-division world champion Julio Cesar Chavez


“People can say what they want but I would go with GGG on that one. He is strong; he keeps coming and he keeps the pressure. Canelo can’t do all that. He is a good fighter and he is a better technician-type fighter than GGG but I think GGG is too strong for him.” – Trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr.


“Canelo is really good. He is sharp. He’s fast, I think they are meeting on the same level. I don’t know who wins that fight; it is a good fight. I think Canelo has good, sharp punches. It is a very good and interesting fight.” – Former three-division world champion Shane Mosley


“I’m not going to make a prediction but I think GGG will be favored to win.” – HBO’s Max Kellerman


“I would go with GGG because of size; he is a real middleweight. Canelo is a good fighter but Canelo is really a junior middleweight. GGG is a solid middleweight; both have good punching power but I would go with GGG because he is a real middleweight.” – Former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr.


“I mean, two or three years ago, I would have said Golovkin easy. For me, honestly, Canelo has improved and I haven’t seen improvement in Golovkin for the last couple of years. I think it’s gotten a lot closer now. Two years ago, I would have said Golovkin, too big, too strong, but they waited and now it’s a lot closer. If the time is ever gonna be right, this is the right time. If there is a gun to my head, I would have to say Golovkin because he’s naturally bigger and stronger but it’s a lot, lot closer. You might say Jacobs exposed Golovkin, maybe Kell Brook exposed him? It has gotten much more interesting now. Golovkin is getting older; he’s sliding but it’s going to be good for boxing and boxing might need it after what might be a carnival show with (Floyd) Mayweather (Jr.) and (Conor) McGregor. If people get burned by that fight they might need it. People might need something that they can believe will be a real fight, something that resembles a real fight.” – ESPN’s Teddy Atlas


“I have never put money on any fight but, in this fight, I have to go with the Mexican bro.” – Trainer Robert Garcia


“Canelo and GGG, that would be a good fight. I think GGG will try to come knock him out but Canelo has to use his legs and move, not run, but use his legs in a smart way. Every time you make him miss, you make him pay. GGG will stalk him for that overhand right. I have to go with my Latino Canelo Alvarez.” – Trainer Angel Garcia


“We are working hard in the gym. We know Golovkin is a strong boxer but Saul is a better boxer and his time is now.” – Saul Alvarez trainer Eddie Reynoso


“Gennady needs to beat Canelo. He needs to destroy Canelo, destroy the aura that he has right now.” – Gennady Golovkin trainer Abel Sanchez


“Canelo’s speed will win him some early rounds as he will win early exchanges versus Golovkin. But as the rounds go, on the jab of Golovkin will get going and the more natural middleweight will start to wear down Canelo, to stop him in the late rounds.” – Steve Kim, and


“Although Oscar De La Hoya is promising everyone an action-packed brawl, this will be a mostly technical affair with occasional offensive bursts. Canelo’s hand speed and head movement will give GGG some problems early on but Golovkin will adjust his timing and begin to find the target with his jab after a few rounds. Alvarez will silence critics in this fight, proving that he can hang with a big puncher. Golovkin will prove he is not over the hill. Both men will have their moments down the stretch, showing wear and tear on their faces as the final bell rings. But in the end, GGG has more levels and his punches do more damage. I like Golovkin by close, possibly split decision that has fans and media arguing on social media for weeks. No doubt they will do it again next May.” – Michael Montero, Montero on Boxing


“Well, after much ballyhoo and back-and-forthing on the business end, we’ve finally got the big fight all we hardcore boxingheads wanted for the past couple of years. And the debates are just as hot as the fight’s potential. However, I’m sticking with my initial pick when the idea of this bout was merely an itch in its daddy’s pants. That said, as opposed to what I believed would be a stoppage win for Gennady Golovkin, now, I think the result will be Golovkin over Canelo Alvarez by decision. I just believe GGG is the better all-around boxer and possesses more power. He’s been the top guy of the middleweight division for seven years and Canelo, THE RING Magazine and lineal champion, has barely scratched the surface. Sure, Alvarez might have finally made 160 pounds but weight does not a middleweight champion make.” – Coyote Duran,, and




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