Ryan ‘Blue Chip’ Martin kicks off ‘Hollywood Fight Nights’

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Kicking off the inugural installment of “Hollywood Fight Nights” from The Avalon, in Hollywood, California, tonight, is lightweight contender Ryan “Blue Chip” Martin, who will face Luis Eduardo Florez. When you ask him what his goal is for this particular outing, he gives a blunt reply.


“Erase my last performance; that’s my biggest goal,” said the 25-year-old native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, who went life and death with Mexican Francisco Rojo on September 16, in Las Vegas. “I know I didn’t look too good in my last fight but I know the next fight can change all that, erase everything.”


Performing on the highly anticipated pay-per-view card that featured Saul Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin I, Blue Chip struggled mightily. For much of the fight, he looked listless and flat.


When asked what went wrong on this night, he explained, “To be honest, a lot of mistakes in my nutrition, dropping in weight. I think I dropped the week of the fight, maybe 10, 12 pounds. I don’t know if you seen it when I was doing my media workout so quick and I was drained. But other than that, going into fight night, I felt it warming up. I was like, ‘Man, I got no snap,’ but I had to push through it and that’s definitely still on my mind.


“That’s why I’m here in Big Bear; I’ve been here for three months so far and getting better and better and pushing through that weakness barrier.”


Looking at his frame, given he’s now in his mid-20s, how much longer can his muscular and long frame can hold 135 pounds? “Not sure to, be honest,” he admitted on this day at The Summit gym.


Being on big stages means the whole world gets to see you. Of course, the worst thing is, if you have a bad night at the office, well, you’ve had one in front of a large, worldwide audience.


“I honestly think it was the best thing for me because I learned about myself,” said Martin, philosophically. “The heart, you had to dig down, the grit, taking those shots. But other than that, I definitely want to erase that.” It was just one of those occasions in which it wasn’t there.


“That night in the corner, I’m telling my coach, ‘I have no power.’ I couldn’t react to how my mind was reacting. My body couldn’t catch up to my mind and it’s frustrating because you work so hard in the gym. You work to get to this point and you can’t produce and I know there’s a lot of disappointed people out there in my last performance and I definitely want to make that up to them,” said Martin, who, moving past that fight, conducted his full training camp in Big Bear, California, alongside trainer Abel Sanchez and unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.


This setting is not for everyone. Some chafe under the solitude and others simply can’t take the Sanchez’s regimented program. But it’s precisely what appeals to Martin, who jokes that he has to convince his friends back home that, yes, it does actually snow in some parts of California.


“Every day we know what we’re doing, the schedule,” he explained. “No matter if Abel is here or not, when Gennady’s here and Abel’s not, he pushes us just as hard as he pushes himself. Just to be around him, the atmosphere is 100 percent go hard You can’t train with ‘Triple G,’ a world champion and other other top fighters here, if you’re going to slack.


“The guys here will run you over if you don’t step up to the plate.”


Martin makes it clear, with a laugh, “This isn’t for everybody and I’ve seen a couple of guys come here and they want to go out on a weekend, want to get out to L.A or looking for the night life – it’s not for everybody This is 100 percent boxing, eat, sleep and breathe. You don’t leave this house unless you go to the grocery store or we’re running in the morning. I’ve been here for three months so far and it feels like I don’t know what’s going on outside the world.


“Some ladies asked me if I’d seen any new movies and I said, ‘What movies have come out?’ I haven’t seen TV.”


OK, for the record, while there is a spartan atmosphere at the Summit, Sanchez does provide cable TV at the house in which the boxers live.


“But we’re so focused that, every day, when we’re done, we’re focused on tomorrow,” Martin explained, “so there’s nothing else on your mind but preparing yourself for tomorrow and, on the weekends, you just want to sleep.”





This is a seven-fight card and also on this bill is Martin’s stablemate at the Summit, junior middleweight Serhii Bohachuk, 6-0 (6), who faces the tough Lucius Johnson, 4-2-1 (3), in a six-rounder. Brian Ceballo, who was signed by 360 Promotions, makes his pro debut and undefeated featherweight Anthony Chavez, 4-0 (1), who works with Henry Ramirez, will also be a part of his show.


This show is going to be streamed by RingTV.com, beginning at 9:15 p.m., ET/6:15 p.m. PT and Doug Fischer, Cynthia Conte and Yours Truly will be on the call.





Tom Loeffler of 360 Promotions joins Gabe Montoya and me on this week’s edition of “The Next Round.”





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