PBC on FS1 results: Edner Cherry decisions Omar Douglas



Omar Douglas, 17-25 (12), and Edner Cherry, 36-7-2 (19), finally met in a crossroads fight in the Premier Boxing Champions/FS1 main event at the Sands Bethlehem Event Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It didn’t take long for both fighters to get to know each other, as Cherry came out firing shots and Douglas was happy to return the favor. As both fighters exchanged power shots, through the middle of the second round, Cherry caught Douglas leaning back and staggered him.


Douglas had a better round three as he was able to put his punches together in clean fashion. With the fighters pressuring each other and throwing hard punches, Cherry felt he needed to stunt Douglas’s movement. He came out guns a-blazing in round five and started to control the pace but Douglas realized he needed to return to his strengths and, in turn, returned to boxing. This allowed him to land stinging jabs and a hard right to punctuate the round.


Round six was a big round for Douglas, who continued to work behind his stiff jabs that lead to landing a sharp right. Cherry was unable to cut the ring off and followed Douglas around the ring. Cherry must have felt things slipping away from him as he started the seventh round by throwing heavy shots and landing a few, as a result. However the fighters changed roles as Douglas began to walk down Cherry behind his jab.


Cherry was happy to see Douglas willing to stand and fight and unleashed some heavy shots that forced Douglas to return to his movement. Douglas landed a solid left hook while Cherry continued to throw power shots. As the momentum was up in the air, it was Douglas, behind his piston jab, who regained control. His jab was so crisp that he was able to start feinting late in round nine. Cherry had no answer and was caught with a hard hook and right hand.


Cherry knew he needed something big in the final round and went for it as he threw power shots. Douglas didn’t move away and instead returned fire. Cherry chose to move around the perimeter while Douglas returned to the role of aggressor. As the fight came to its conclusion, they partook in the customary toe-to-toe action, as both fighters landed hooks with the bell ringing out to signal the end of the fight. Judges’ scores were 98-92 and 96-94 twice, in favor of Cherry.



Fulton’s movement is too much for Rosario to handle through eight rounds


Philadelphia super bantamweight Stephen Fulton, 11-0 (5), and Puerto Rico’s Luis Rosario, 8-1-1 (7), fought in the co-feature of the evening. After back and forth power exchanges, Fulton decided to cleanly box behind his jab to start out the fight. He landed hard rights to the body and stiff jabs to take the first two rounds.


In round three, serious swelling started to form around the right eye of the southpaw Rosario, who decided to let his hands go as he started to connect with hard rights and lefts to the body and head of Fulton. Noticing that Rosario was stepping up his pressure, Fulton was content to box his way back into control of the fight.


Fulton came out throwing hard punches to start the fifth and they forced Rosario to step up his pressure. Halfway through the round, the pressure forced Fulton back into the ropes near a neutral corner. The rest of the round was spent with both fighters exchanging shots on the inside.


Rounds six and seven were rounds in which Fulton was again able to establish himself as the matador in the ring. Rosario was unable to cut the ring off and instead followed Fulton while getting hit with various punches from Fulton’s arsenal. Rosario was game however and continued to try and pressure Fulton into the ropes in order to throw combinations. However, Fulton’s fluid movement and punching, on the move, carried him through the final round. Scores were 80-72,79-73 and 78-74 all in favor of Stephen Fulton.



De Alba wins unanimous decision over Kielczweski in close fight


Hometown fighter Frank De Alba, 22-2-2 (9), took on Ryan Kielczweski, 26-3 (8), in a super featherweight bout to open the television portion of the night. After a first round in which both fighters felt each other out, action picked up in the second round as both De Alba and Kielczweski exchanged shots with their power hands. Hard rights by Kielczweski caused redness around the left eye of De Alba who, in return, landed stiff left hands from his southpaw stance.


The two fighters continued to pound away at each other with their power hands and, midway through the fourth round, in-fighting took over before Kielczweski decided to move around the perimeter behind his jab to close the round.


Both fighters, almost in unison, started to fire hooks along with their straight power shots in the fifth. The orthodox Kielczweski started to control the pace of the action and the movement as he controlled things with his jab in round six. De Alba seemed to become wary of his counter rights, especially to the body, as his punching slowed.


Sensing the momentum – and the fight – slipping away from him, De Alba came out aggressive to start the seventh. Kielczweski tried to stem the flow of the round with some hard combinations but it was De Alba’s pressure carried the round. That would be the case in the eighth and final round, as it seemed that all of the boxing done by Kielczweski earlier in the fight tired him out. That allowed the hometown favorite to land stiff left hands to close out the round (the one he needed) and the fight. Scorecards were read, 80-72 and 77-75 twice in favor of De Alba, who captured the win by unanimous decision, in a fight that was closer and could have been reasonably scored for either fighter.



Off-TV results


The final undercard fight on the non-televised portion of the card was a super middleweight four-rounder between Jimmy Kelleher, 4-0 (3), fighting out of nearby Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Jose Valderrama, 5-19 (3), from Manati, Puerto Rico. Kelleher woke up in the second round after an even first round. Both fighters were not shy about exchanging power punches. Action would continue throughout the latter half of the fight. Kelleher seemed to be a bit confused with the experience of Valderrama, at times; however the crowd continued to push Kelleher onward as he finished the fight with good combinations that pushed Valderrama back. It took the judges some time before the scores of 40-36 were read in favor of Kelleher.


Undefeated lightweight prospect Thomas Velasquez, 8-0 (5), from Philadelphia took on Wilfredo Garcia, 3-6-1 (2), who was fighting out of Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. In what turned out to be an uneventful six rounds, Velasquez landed the more accurate shots. Garcia won two rounds by being the more active of the two, which wasn’t saying much. In the end, after six rounds, Velasquez earned a unanimous decision, 58-56 on all three official scorecards.


Middleweight action heated up in round two between Allentown, Pennsylvania native Devin McMaster, 1-1, and Washington, D.C.’s Gregory Clark, 2-1 (1). After several exchanges, Clark landed a punishing right cross that floored McMaster. Clark’s right hand, which he landed at will, would tell the story of this fight. Clark landed rights behind his jabs, which eventually landed as leads. McMaster was rocked again in round four but, this time, Clark moved in and ended the fight at 1:28 of round four. Clark earns the impressive TKO.


In super featherweight action, Allentown’s Hector Bayanilla, 1-0-1 (1), fought to a majority draw against Jason Peters, 1-0-1 (1), who hails from our nation’s capital. After four rounds of entertaining action that saw both fighters rock each other several times, one judge felt Bayanilla did enough with his constant activity to take the fight on his card, at 39-37. That was overruled by the other two judges who thought Bayanilla’s free swinging was just as strong as Peter’s accuracy and body work as they scored the fight 38-38. An entertaining affair between two fighters to look out for in the future.


A clash of heads caused a nasty cut to super lightweight Naim Nelson, 13-3 (1), in round five, that forced his fight to be stopped. Throughout the fight, his opponent Tre’Sean Wiggins, 8-3 (6), landed the accurate punches from his southpaw stance. His length and reach gave Nelson trouble as he was not able to get inside where he does his best work. With the fight being prematurely stopped, due to an accidental headbutt, the scorecards would determine the outcome. All three judges scored the bout 50-45, in favor of Wiggins.


The evening’s action started with super middleweight Ryan Wilczak, 3-0 (2), blasting out Courtney McCleave, 2-7 (1), with vicious combination punching. Wilczak landed a double left hook that floored McCleave, to start the second round. McCleave rose to his feet and continued to take a pounding. A right hand to the body floored him again as the second round came to an end. The referee reached the 10-count after the bell ending the fight.






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