Have Paw, Will Draw: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Art Courtesy of Coyote Duran

Art courtesy of Coyote Duran


Hey, Howlers…I drew something. Wanna check it out? Of course you do! It’s art, kids, cats and chicks! And when the subject is someone near and dear to Our Sport, the likeness quotient goes through the roof because that gives you, Dear UCNation, the carte blanche to say, 1) “Hey, that looks a lot like (fill in the blank),” 2) “Eh, that kinda looks like (fill in the blank)” or 3) “That fucking blows, man. Don’t ever try to draw your way out of a paper bag because the paper bag will win, you fruit.”


In our last action-packed episode, I promised a Floyd Mayweather Jr. portrait and that’s what I’m delivering today, dammit. If the first thing you think upon clicking the following link is, “Hey, Floyd looks like he’s a little short on oxygen, fear not, kids. That might be the case in real life but that’s not the reason in the portrait. But when you click the following link, you’ll get the straight poop why “Money” is a little on the blue side…


Floyd Mayweather Jr.: The Blue and the Gray


Next week on a non-“Throwback Thursday” edition of HPWD, it’s commission time!


If you have any suggestions for future boxing subjects and mediums which to render them (or commission requests. Don’t knock the hustle; let Coyote rock the hustle!), please email me at artofthepaw@yahoo.com; tweet me at www.twitter.com/CoyoteDuran or pay me a visit at www.facebook.com/CDCreationNation. I also have one of those Instagram thingies at www.instagram.com/CoyoteDuran.




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