Have Paw, Will Draw: Diego Corrales vs. Arturo Gatti

Art by Coyote Duran

Art by Coyote Duran

Unless you’ve been doing time under a rock or have no social network account to call your own, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “Throwback Thursday,” a fad in which folks post old photos of themselves or share things they like from days gone by. From here on out, until I run out of older boxing-oriented artwork to share on this particular day of the week, Thursday will serve as my own personal Throwback Thursday outlet (and odds are, you might not have seen some of my past work if you’re not so much into art. But I have some cool stuff in the vault; I assure you).


This brings us to today’s “HPWD,” a look back at something I did last year to accompany a thought-provoking but fun article my pal and RingTV.com colleague, Dancin’ Anson Wainwright penned about fights that never happened.


I had wanted to create a piece pitting Diego Corrales vs. Arturo Gatti in forever but really couldn’t decide to figure out how I wanted to compose it. When Anson told me about his article, a continuation of an idea he kicked off at another site we both worked for, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was wallowing in a quicksand-like pit of uncertainty, sadness and daily drinking (I admit, I did like the drinking. I still do) and I needed some art therapy, man.


Thinking about this piece had my imagination turned to 11. On one hand, a classic painting would’ve flushed but my love of comic books had me seriously considering the cartoony look. And a throwdown this violent deserved ink, bold colors and exaggeration. Best of all, working on this piece served as a welcome distraction and part of my route to getting my shit back together.


This piece, however, comes with a little extra in the form of a choppy-ass, time-lapse video I did (obviously before I discovered webcams) featuring the piece from blank page to finished-with-a-blood-red-background. Mind you, it’s not UCNLive.com quality but what is? (Have you seen our videos?! They’re really good; aren’t they?). The music, “Badass,” from the hard rock group Saliva (one of your esteemed editor’s absolute favorites) was the cherry on top, as every time I heard the song before this was even a glimmer of an idea, I could see these two throwing hands in the Great Beyond.


Stay tuned for my next installment of HPWD, which will feature a brand-new Floyd Mayweather Jr. portrait.



If you have any suggestions for future boxing subjects and mediums which to render them (or commission requests. Don’t knock the hustle), please email me at artofthepaw@yahoo.com; tweet me at www.twitter.com/CoyoteDuran or pay me a visit at www.facebook.com/CDCreationNation. I also have one of those Instagram thingies at www.instagram.com/CoyoteDuran.



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