Outside the Ropes: Sept. 4, 2016

Canelo-De La Hoya



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There’s some strange shit taking place in my favorite sport these days. I don’t know what the correct name for it is but I DO know what Boxing Don calls it: “Pugilistic Bitchitis.” This shit didn’t START with Saul “Chickenelo” Alvarez but he and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya are taking it to another level. With all the brainless shit coming from those two, I can just picture them dancing around in matching fishnets, dreaming up stupid shit, like comparing Chickenelo with the great, fearless, Mexican warriors of the past. I’m gonna take the “Mr. Delusional” title from Floyd Mayweather Jr. and pass it to the freckle-faced redhead. We all remember how “Freckles” made that fake-ass speech in the ring after he beat an inept Amir Khan and challenged IBF/IBO/WBA/WBC middleweight ruler Gennady Golovkin to “fight right now,” then proceeded to offer up his ass to “GGG” as soon as the cameras were turned off.


Oscar says Chickenelo is cut from the same mold as past Mexican greats and is “the game’s best fighter.” Such bullshit, Oscar; I never heard Erik Morales say, “Manny Pacquiao has to fight so-and-so before he fights me.” Alvarez finally admitted, “I will fight him when I’m ready and that’s just the way it is.” He says “Golovkin’s getting old and has fought nobodies.” Was he sitting in Oscar’s lap when he made that comment? Alvarez whined, “(Erislandy) Lara’s calling Golovkin out; why doesn’t (Golovkin) fight HIM?” What a bitch-ass thing for a professional fighter and a champion to say. Now he’s talking that “I’m the A-side” shit that Floyd started.” Then he said, “I’m making history.” You’re making an ass outta yourself; that’s what you’re making. Chickenelo accused GGG of “fighting nobodies” yet Alvarez is talking about fighting UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. Hell, at least GGG fights REAL boxers. All those damn freckles are making him sound like Howdy Doody.


On that same note, WBA “regular” middleweight titleholder Danny Jacobs made a stupid comment as well, saying, “I’ll fight Golovkin before Alvarez does.” What the hell is THAT? I think these guys should start wearing cods instead of cups under their trunks when they fight. That’s what the ladies wear to keep you from seeing “the little man in the boat.” Jacobs would rather have another bout with cancer than a bout with Golovkin. Jacobs is set for a rematch of a fight no one was interested in, in the first place, against the “Latin Snake” Sergio Mora. Golovkin has an ENTIRE division terrified. Reports have it that Chickenelo and his next setup, WBO junior middleweight titlist Liam Smith are exempt from taking the VADA (Voluntary Anti-Drug Association) drug test. Given the shit coming outta Chickenelo’s beak, he NEEDS to take a drug test. This Pugilistic Bitchitis (aka “puny balls”) has also affected British middleweight champ Chris Eubank Jr. and his Cro-Magnon dad Chris Sr. They also ran like little female organs after talking big shit about what they were gonna do to the “G-Man.” Now they’re saying how lousy, brave guy/IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook is gonna do with Golovkin.


Now, has this fever taken hold of unbeaten IBF junior middleweight champion Jermall Charlo or is it his brother Jermell? Charlo is in line to defend against the very legit rumbler from MY home, Philadelphia’s Julian “J Rock” Williams, and he’s already doing the Texas two-step to get outta THIS shit. Maybe he and his twin brother should make it a tag team match against Williams. Williams is no Cornelius Bundrage; trust me. Ya boy will be in Philly at the end of the month and has a tentative interview set up with Williams’ mentor, the “Breadman” Stephen Edwards. I am REALLY looking forward to that.


Speaking of Philly folks, former middleweight title challenger Willie Monroe Jr. has a match upcoming with shit-talking, always-losing Gabriel Rosado. This guy’s been involved in a lotta bloody fights, most of the blood being HIS. He and “The Ghost,” Robert Guerrero can explain away an ass whippin’ better than any boxer I KNOW. Rosado was on FightHype.com talking about how Monroe is a non factor in the middleweight division and “Nobody knows him or wants to see him fight” and, in the NEXT breath, says he’s fighting on the big stage in Texas before 80,000 people and how big a fight this is. What the Hell? I thought you just said Monroe was a non-factor, Gabe. Gabe’s been hit a LOT.


Mad Max Kellerman put a thorn in WBO welterweight titlist Jessie Vargas’ shorts, saying his fight upcoming against the politician Manny Pacquiao isn’t worthy of a pay-per-view and other demeaning comments. Vargas was ranting as if he’d have NO problem pulling a left hook off of Kellerman’s chin. It should be an interesting fight, though I don’t think Manny’s head is in tha game anymore. He said he has a lotta people to support. I hope his wife wears that same top she wore at his last fight. Talk about needing SUPPORT, damn. “Jen-ko” or “Kinko,” or whatever her name is, was letting the girls out on the town that night.


Lastly, I thought Antonio Tarver was off drugs. He’s reportedly asking for a ton of money for a sparring session and co-billing for his next fight. Man, those bus rides are rattling his brain.


Well, boxing friends, that’s it for now. Keep your hands up and your chin down, I’m Don and I’m DONE.





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