Outside the ropes: July 30, 2016

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The following are the opinions of Boxing Don Dinkins and do not reflect the opinions of Undisputed Champion Network as whole…or do they?


Man, while suffering through the fires, smoke and haze here in the Antelope Valley section of Cali, I didn’t see too much on the fight scene but next week promises plenty of fireworks.


However, I did get my daily Saul “Chickenelo” Alvarez and Andre “Oracle” Ward fixes. I read where one boxing scribe blasted some headlines saying, “Canelo STILL wants GGG.” I guess that’s like saying I STILL want cancer, knowing DAMN WELL I never did. Between Chickenelo and Virgil Hunter, they keep me smiling. Ward and Hunter were buoyed by the somewhat lackluster performance by IBF/WBA/WBO light heavyweight champ Sergey Kovalev in his decision win over Isaac Chilemba. Now, if Oracle looks the same against this mystery Alexander Brand guy, maybe there will be heightened interest in his upcoming clash with the Mad Russian. Then again, if Oracle doesn’t look outstanding, I can see another tune-up on his agenda.


I wasn’t overly impressed with Terence Crawford’s win over Viktor Postol in their 140-pound title-unifying clash. At times, I felt like I was watching a southpaw version of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and that’s all I need to make MY day. The next time one of Postol trainer Freddie Roach’s predictions come true will be the same day Donald Trump stops making all those damn stupid faces. The most impressive fighter I saw was former Olympian Oscar Valdez. The unbeaten, hard-hitting featherweight left no questions about HIS performance as he completely obliterated Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda with a two-round blitzkrieg. Valdez is definitely one to be reckoned with. I saw him early in his career in a fight at the StubHub Center and said, “Damn, I like this youngster.” Rueda probably wishes his people had never HEARD of this beast. Oscar has superstar potential written all over him.


I saw 42-year-old Sam Soliman being made to look like Sam SILLYMAN by a guy with less than 10 pro fights. It took me longer to type the guy’s name than the fight lasted. Heavy-handed Sergiy Derevyanchenko showed absolutely ZERO elderly respect for the former middleweight champion from Australia, showing him the exit in a scant two rounds. I almost felt sorry for Sam. He must’ve felt like he was being jumped on by one of those ‘roos in his hometown. He didn’t HAVE shit and he didn’t DO shit. He was so pathetic that I’m sure Roy (Rip Van Winkle) Jones Jr. will consider Soliman as a potential future foe.


Premier Boxing Champions tried it again and, damn, I’m watching these fights and asking, “Who the hell ARE these people?” Where is Al “The Hologram” Haymon getting these guys? He should be trying to pick up Joe Smith Jr., the heavy-handed light heavyweight that pushed the “off” switch on Andrzej Fonfara’s lights a while back. I wonder if the dreaded Andy Ruiz Jr. is planning on fighting somebody like Fres Oquendo in his next fight.


Oscar De La Hoya was lying through his fishnets again while promoting his Golden Chicken’s upcoming fight. Oscar said, “The fact is, Canelo is a 154-pound fighter and, yes, we did call Golovkin after the fight but it didn’t get very far and I don’t know why. It wasn’t OUR fault.” If he’s telling THOSE types of lies, there’s no telling what he told Canelo what was in that contract.


Mikey “I don’t need nobody” Garcia from Oxnard, unbeaten and inactive for two-and-a-half years, is celebrating his contractual “victory” against Bullshit Bob Arum and Top Rank Promotions. Now that he’s free to run around with Floyd “Mr. Delusional” Mayweather Jr. and take meetings with The Hologram, he’s about to get his career back on track this weekend. Garcia was ranting and raving about how badly fighters get treated and nobody should tell anybody what to do. Hell, I thought everybody had to answer to somebody. Garcia was saying, “ I’m the one in there taking the punches in fights and in training, not the manager, not the promoter and not even the trainer.” Hey, Garcia, who SHOULD be taking the blows, your dad? Since when do you become a fighter (by your OWN choice), then complain about getting punched? Isn’t that kinda what a fighter does, hit and GET hit? All you have to do is train and fight. Since you’re a “stand-alone” fighter, why in the hell don’t YOU get out and promote your fights, deal with the ticket distributors, the casinos, the TV networks and all that goes with it? In fact, try and train yourself since you minimize the importance of what a trainer does. Since you have all the answers, why did it take you THIS LONG to get back in action? I’m sure you’re some kinda attorney as well; aren’t you?


I’m hearing rumors that unified light heavyweight champ Sergey Kovalev is being accused of doing something to his handwraps or gloves to make his punches harder. I DO recall him punching walls in his dressing room but I think this is just a rumor by Oracle Ward’s trainer Virg Hunter, to tarnish Kovalev’s victory, should he stop Oracle. I’ll guarantee, if Kovalev loses or fails to get a KO, you won’t hear shit from Hunter about wraps.


There are so many fights this weekend, I will have to be at the top of my game in my next column. Even the whiny, nasally Paulie Malignaggi is coming out from behind the mike. This dude should use a pacifier instead of a mouthpiece with as much whining as he does. I wonder if the Mouthpiece Guy designs pacifiers?


Well, that’s it, my friends. Remember to keep your hands up and your chin down. With all the fisticuffs flying this weekend, I can’t WAIT to see the amount of shit I’ll be spewing forth. I LOVE my job.






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