Outside the ropes: July 21, 2016

Photo Credit: Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME®

Photo Credit: Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME®



The following are the opinions of Boxing Don Dinkins and do not reflect the opinions of Undisputed Champion Network as whole…or do they?


Well, I was finally able to rid myself of the taste of that heavyweight title fight on Saturday. Has trainer Mark Breland ever talked to his charge, WBC heavyweight champ Deontay (“Wild Man”) Wilder about how to finish off an opponent? This guy’s last name couldn’t be more appropriate. He looks like a guy waving a red flag in front of a bull. He probably tore his triceps from all those washer woman swings.


Has the old dinosaur, promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions lost his rabbit-assed mind? Sometimes it seems as if senility has him firmly in its grasp. He’ll say, “Manny Pacquiao’s not fighting anymore. I spoke to him this morning.” Three days later, it’s, “Manny’s looking extra sharp and has at least two fights left in him.” They should build a monument for him like Mount Rushmore and call it Mount Bullshit or Bobshit. Then they should build an oasis in the desert and call it “The Hologram,” as a tribute to Al Haymon. Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions series is sucking so badly, he doesn’t even have the camera-seeking Watson Twins jostling with the beer girls for camera angles.


Ghetto Boy Adrien Broner showed up three hours late AND drunk for the dismissal phase of his bowling alley beat-down case. This is a new level of stupidity. The judge gave him 30 days for his indiscretions. Maybe “AB” (“Almost Braindead”) really wants to get back to prison to work on his rump-humping skills. Maybe AB stands for “Anal Buster.” “Bowling with Bubba” will be his favorite TV show.


Former four-division champion Roy Jones Jr. wants to stage a five-bout farewell tour with some guys he can “handle.” Roy’s fights don’t put his fans to sleep; they let his fans watch HIM sleep. Roy has been put to sleep so often, when his opponents swing and miss, he yawns. He’ll have a new rap out called, “Y’all Musta Forgot to Wake Me Up.”


Why don’t “Chickenelo” Alvarez’s people tell him to just stop talking? Now this no-balls-having, freckle-faced redhead is saying unified middleweight titlist Gennady Golovkin has had “all easy fights.” Well, I guess he didn’t want to be the NEXT. Golden Boy Promotions President and CEO Oscar De La Hoya promises, “We’ll fight Golovkin in 2017.” I remember when Oscar promised to “change the game back to where it was,” but he’s acting just as slimy as Top Rank Promotions’ Bob Arum was in HIS heyday. Chickenelo said about GGG, “You shouldn’t open your mouth because you might bite your tongue.” What the hell kinda silly shit is THAT?


When did having ONE good fighter classify one as a “world-class trainer”? I see that’s what they’re calling Andre “Oracle” Ward’s trainer Virgil Hunter these days. Besides Ward, who ELSE has he “world-class trained”? Andre Berto? Amir Khan? Alfredo Angulo? They call Floyd Mayweather Sr. the same thing and he’s had only his son, who became a star. What happened to “body of work”? I think Hunter just likes to see his name in print. If I hear him or Ward say ONE more thing about Golovkin, I’m gonna charge them with stalking. Now he and John David Jackson (trainer of unified light heavyweight titleholder Sergey Kovalev) are going back and forth. I think the IBF, WBA and WBO light heavyweight champ is gonna stop Ward. Actually, I don’t think they’re even gonna fight each other next. I feel Ward will request more time to get adjusted to the 175-pound class.


How in the hell does Terence Crawford vs. Viktor Postol rate as a pay-per-view event? This should be an interesting fight but PPV? Nah. I think Crawford is a little too versatile for the Carlos Zarate look-alike. Then again, maybe Postol, the WBC junior welterweight boss is versatile enough to wrap WBO counterpart Crawford up, whether he’s righty or lefty.


The whiny, nasal-toned Paulie Malinaggi is getting ready for ANOTHER fight. What IS it with guys like him and BJ Flores that talk all that shit from behind the mike but haven’t fought a decent fight in years? People that go around saying a non-fighter shouldn’t criticize fighters need to say the same thing about these fighters trying to be commentators. I can STILL hear the great Emanuel Steward pronouncing the word “elite” as “e-light.” Virgil Hunter says, “Wilder fights well off his back feet.” How many “back feet” does he have? What IS he, a damn centipede?


Is FightHype.com running a contest to see how many stories they can run on the Garcias? Mikey does more talking than fighting and the only thing Robert WON’T discuss is how to get his fighters to make weight. As long as they know where to find him after the fights and the checks make weight, Robert couldn’t give a shit. I’m surprised he doesn’t tell Fernando Vargas how “great” he looks these days.


Well, boxing friends, that’s about it. Not a ton of stuff jumpin’ off this week. Hopefully there will be more action upcoming, so ‘til then, chin down and hands up.





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