Outside the ropes: Aug. 26, 2016

Photo credit: Tom Casino/Showtime

Photo credit: Tom Casino/Showtime



The following are the opinions of Boxing Don Dinkins and do not reflect the opinions of Undisputed Champion Network as whole…or do they?


Last weekend I watched two of the most confident, dare I say, cocky fighters out there today. One is my latest favorite, undefeated welterweight Errol Spence Jr. If the rest of the 147-pounders haven’t gotten the memo, Spence is serving some SERIOUS notice that the talented southpaw is rapidly becoming “the man to beat” at welterweight. Looking like a well-seasoned pro, Spence methodically and patiently dissected the battle tested Leonard “The Lion” Bundu. “The Truth,” as Spence is called, tamed The Lion in a way that undefeated WBA boss Keith Thurman could only DREAM of. After dropping Bundu early in their fight, Thurman spent pretty much the rest of the evening keeping space between the two. Spence Jr. had NO scamper in him as he stalked the shuckin’-and-jivin’ Bundu, drilling him with piercing jabs and his trademark vicious body assault on his way to putting the ol’ vet on ice in the sixth round. Errol had stated earlier that he wanted to do a better job on Bundu than Thurman did. Mission accomplished, sir.


I think Thurman’s power is overrated and he doesn’t really have the heart for serious, prolonged hand-to-hand combat. Thurman bragged about his one-punch KO power but that was before he fought better people. He’s also on record as saying, “Spence has to earn the right to fight me.” What a delusional guy “One Time” is. He couldn’t even drop Shawn Porter, something even Adrien “Ghetto Boy” Broner was able to do. Speaking of Broner, there was a clip on YouTube of him rapping at some club, while a crowd of about 20 people looked on. This fool had some skinny jeans pulled down to his thighs, OBVIOUSLY missing his 30-day prison stint. The way he wears his pants, I’m assuming “AB” stands for “Advertising Butthole.” I mean, seriously, this is a 27-year-old FATHER carrying on like he’s a damn thug from tha’ hood. He’s always bragging about his millions, yet beat up a guy to whom he lost a bet at a damn bowling alley.


The other cocky guy I saw fighting over the weekend was supreme shit-talker, Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, an almost-300-pound undefeated heavyweight. Miller has a great personality, the gift of gab and some fighting skills. He has some notable names on his chart, Chris Arreola, Dominic Breazeale and Amir Mansour. Last Friday, he took on the normally durable Fred Kassi. After a bit of a slow start, Miller warmed to the task and, after some thumping body shots, Kassi refused to come out for the fourth round. Miller has something goin’ on and if he’s guided properly, he could raise a little hell with the big boys.


The Texas, junior middleweight version of Adrien Broner, James “Mandingo Warrior” Kirkland was arrested for non-payment of child support. Kirkland, a heavy-fisted, take-no-prisoners type of guy seems to have no problem finding trouble and I know trainer Ann Wolfe wishes to hell she’d never even SMELLED a James Kirkland.


As usual, the normal grade school Twitter wars continued unabated as IBF/IBO/WBA/WBC middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin has started talking about people’s moms in an effort to get some of these top middles in the ring. It doesn’t seem to be working, though. Nobody wants to get hit by this guy. Nobody except Britain’s Kell Brook, the IBF welterweight champion, who isn’t given much of a shot against “GGG” by most fight people. Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez, who just LOVES to talk shit, is still digging in Saul “Chickenelo” Alvarez’s freckled rump while GGG, who’s JUST LEARNING the smack-talk game, calls Chris Eubank Jr. and Alvarez “clowns that don’t wanna fight me.”


I was quite surprised that the Spence-Bundu fight drew a reported 6,000,000 viewers. No one since Floyd “Mr. Delusional” Mayweather Jr. has done those types of digits. This is more than enough of a reason for him to come outta retirement So, ’til next week, OTR readers, keep your chin down and your hands up,. I’m Don and I’m done.






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