Outside the ropes: Sept. 17, 2016

IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (right) vs. IBF welterweight titleholder Kell Brook. Photo credit: Matchroom Boxing

IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (right) vs. IBF welterweight titleholder Kell Brook. Photo credit: Matchroom Boxing


The following are the opinions of Boxing Don Dinkins and do not reflect the opinions of Undisputed Champion Network as whole…or do they? Parental discretion is advised…


Man, what a boxing orgy we had LAST weekend. I had to change my shorts TWICE; I was so excited. It started with WBA “regular” middleweight titlist Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs mistreating the “Latin Snake” Sergio Mora in their rematch. Mora went down more times than Adrien Broner at a St. Louis strip joint. It wasn’t Mora’s ankle THIS time; it was Jacobs’ foot in his ass. And what’s Daniel’s reward? A possible date with unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Some reward, huh? Jacobs is a hard puncher and good all-around fighter but, damn, is his CHIN shaky. Unless he can do what he did to Peter Quillin, I see him with NO chance against the Boogey Man. If Jacobs DOES take this fight, he gets big props from THIS writer.


Speaking of “GGG,” it’s funny how so many people see him as vulnerable because undefeated IBF welterweight champ Kell Brook nailed him with a few nice shots. Did people think GGG was unhittable? Hell, all fighters get hit; that’s why I always say the dumbest expression in boxing is “The name of the game is to hit and not get hit.” Right. And, in basketball, the name of the game is to shoot and not miss. There were a couple of amateurs who beat some pros in the Olympics. Do you think that would happen in a longer fight? I still contend that Golovkin was NOT at full strength and that’s why he looked so sloppy at times. He knew he wasn’t on his A-game and STILL damn near knocked Brook’s eye out. Before the fight, the crowd sang “God Save the Queen” and, after a few heavy shots found Brook’s jaw, it started singing, “God Save Kell.”


Anytime a decided underdog does well early, people start saying the champ is overrated. All those panty-lace-wearing guys like Chris Eubank Jr. and Gabe Rosado and some others are talking mad shit about how easy it is to beat GGG. When Gabe had HIS shot, he was left crying and bleeding as he does in most of his big fights. For Eubank, his dad needs to stop leading him around by his penis and let him be his own man. Even former super middleweight champion Carl Froch weighed in with some stupid remarks. Of course, Saul “Chickenelo” Alvarez, who fights tonight, chimed in as well but, still, NONE of these imposters are calling out GGG. Brook claimed he was disappointed that his corner threw in the towel. Yeah, and the passengers on the Titanic were pissed when they saw all those life jackets.


The guy that I think took the weekend’s worst ass-whipping was Jesus Soto Karass. In their match at the Fab Forum in Inglewood, California, Yoshihiro Kamegai treated the ol’ vet like he was in a gang fight. Soto has some of the bravest cornermen in the game. It was obvious he’d seen enough of the Japanese fighter but they STILL implored him to “keep fighting.” Finally, the bloodthirsty towel carriers stopped this massacre after the eighth round. Kamegai has an odd way of slipping shots but it works for him. I saw him live, when he went toes with Robert Guerrero at the StubHub Center, in June of 2014, and he’s a REAL roughneck.


The main event that night saw the highly-regarded WBC flyweight titleholder Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez move up and challenge unbeaten Mexican counterpart (and Chickenelo Alvarez clone) WBC super flyweight beltholder Carlos Cuadras in a seesaw battle. At times, it seems like Gonzalez was in a track meet the way he was chasing Cuadras. Even though HE was doing the chasing, Gonzalez’s mug was taking a beating. He looked much older than his 29 years after the fight and actually could’ve lost the decision. A draw wouldn’t have been a crime, either. I doubt Gonzalez will rush into a return match after “stealing” Carlos’ belt.


Well, it took a bit longer than I anticipated but The Delusional One, Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is reportedly getting ready for his latest “unretirement.” Mr. D was no doubt tired of seeing that the world of boxing does NOT revolve around HIS ass and GGG and Chickenelo are all up in the spotlight. It wouldn’t break MY heart if he goes to the well once too often, like just about every other fighter. He’ll probably wanna use Chocolatito as as his 50th opponent.


I’d LOVE to see WBO junior middleweight titlist Liam Smith pull a Joe Smith Jr. and upset Chickenelo the way the other Mr. Smith upset world-rated light heavyweight Andzrej Fonfara. Fonfara is supposedly now training with the overrated Virgil Hunter.


Was everyone sitting around holding their collective breaths, awaiting Ishe Smith’s fight last night? It’s hard for me to write that he’s an “ex-champion.” How long did he actually hold his IBF junior middleweight title, a ROUND? I’m waiting for another delay in the Tyson Fury-Wladimir Klitschko rematch. Did anyone REALLY believe big underdog Liam Smith and his peeps were gonna’ call off the fight, as they’d threatened, if Chickenelo didn’t hit the scales right? There are some interesting fights on tonight’s undercard and I’m damn near tempted to buy it. I wanna see Willie Monroe Jr. put a damn muzzle on Gabriel Rosado. I had no idea Rosado was from my hometown of Philadelphia. I thought he was from New York, given all the shit he talks.


Well, fight friends, ‘til after the weekend, keep your hands up and your chin down. This is Boxing Don, peace and cookies.





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