Outside the ropes: Oct. 4, 2016

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Well, fight friends, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for ya boi but I’m back and ready to see what I can stir up…When the HELL did Victor Ortiz become a “movie star”? That’s how he was described in the news after his drunk ass got pulled over last week. Well, maybe he wasn’t drunk but just stoned to the gills. I used to watch a TV show called “Cheaters.” Maybe they can have Vic star in one called “QUITTERS.” Besides a dime bag, when was the LAST time Ortiz finished something? He and that damn freak show Tyson Fury should get together and do some lines (and NOT those on a script). That Fury’s a work of art; isn’t he? Besides being the worse looking specimen for ANY kind of athlete, let alone a boxer, this guy is pure garbage. He looks like shit, can’t fight and is the heavyweight champion of the world. How Wladimir Klitschko let this amateurish-looking guy take his shit is one for the anus…oops, I mean ANNALS.


Rumor has it Fury’s about to be stripped of his belts for doing coke (and is he retired or isn’t he retired?!). This guy is the latter-day “Clown Prince of boxing.” So now, they’re saying Klitschko should fight the young, undefeated IBF champion Anthony Joshua. Now if Klitschko has slipped so badly that sorry ass Fury beat him, he’d better leave THIS youngster’s ass COMPLETELY alone. Klitschko better have a tune-up, something soft like the dreaded Charles Martin or the defenseless Dominic Breazeale.


Supposedly a good one IS brewing in the form of Jamaica’s rock-fisted Nicholas Walters facing once-beaten Vasyl Lomachenko, the current WBO junior lightweight champ. Loma likes to bullshit a lot and play to the crowd but I don’t see the no-nonsense Walters allowing him that luxury. The undefeated Walters always seems pissed off in the ring and I’m STILL waiting for someone to get in Loma’s behind with his little seven-fight ass. After beating up on Jason Sosa and getting a bullshit draw last December, I expect Walters to be even MORE vicious.


Former multi-division champion Manny Pacquiao’s ass is really in a sling. He has to walk a tightrope with his ticket-buying faithful and check his comments when it comes to that madman Rodrigo Duterte, who’s running his country. Manny just confessed to “taking all kinds of drugs” as a youngster. He’d better watch his mouth, knowing how his dictator feels about abusers. Hell, that fool might kill Manny “retroactively.”


I just read an interview in FightHype.com with Jeff “I LOVE my nephew” Mayweather. The delusional writer called him “the world-famous trainer.” What, the Mayweathers earned that lofty status just by having one or two fighters? Who in the HELL has Jeff taken anywhere, besides to the gym to train? Hell, we may as well call Eddie Mustafa Muhammad “world-class” too, even though he suffered a royal case of the “Black Ass” when Badou Jack recently left him. If you’re world-class, why sweat the small shit?


Why doesn’t that whiny, nasally Paulie Malignaggi quit trying to find some little obscure, bullshit belt to fight for just to call himself some kinda champ? He’ll look for some bullshit belt (in fact, THAT’S what it SHOULD be called), then, when he loses a fight, he throws a tantrum about how fucked up the game is. Go away, Paulie.


So, the Premier Boxing Champions series is taking on water and The Hologram’s (Al Haymon) House of Cards is crumbling. The gravy train is screwed up, like that damn runaway train in Hoboken, New Jersey. WBC welterweight titlist Danny Garcia’s gonna have to fight somebody REAL, not that Robert Guerrero kinda shit. And speaking of bullshit fights, I saw on FightNews.com that “rising heavyweight contender” Chazz “The Gentleman” Witherspoon continues his quest for a heavyweight title fight” by beating up on a guy with a record of 9-11-1 (6), Carlos Sandoval. I wonder if The Hologram promoted that “fight”?


“The Oscar and ‘Nelo Comedy Team” is still out there spreading their unique brand of bullshit about the Gennady Golovkin “fight.” WBO junior middleweight titlist Saul “Chickenelo” Alvarez broke his hand while running roughshod over the average Liam Smith last month and is done for the year, so now, I’m sure he’ll fight “GGG” in 2017…MAYBE.


So, that’s it, my peeps. Until next week, keep your chin down and your hands up. I’m Don and I’m done.





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