Outside the ropes: Feb. 4, 2017

Photo credit: Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME®

Photo credit: Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME®


The following are the opinions of Boxing Don Dinkins and do not reflect the opinions of Undisputed Champion Network as whole…or do they? Parental discretion is advised…


Floyd Mayweather Jr. said, “The public wants the Conor McGregor fight.” I’m the public and I don’t wanna see ANY of THAT shit. This is almost as bad as Roy “Rip Van Winkle” Jones Jr. pulling somebody off the subway to fight. I sure hope by beating this guy, “Mr. Delusional” won’t say he broke Rocky Marciano’s record. Shit, he’d get a better fight if he dug up Marciano and challenged HIM. I remember Mr. D saying he was gonna let the fans pick his next fight and conducted some bullshit poll. Well, the poll said Amir Khan but Mr. D. fought the slower-than-whale-shit-sinking-to the-bottom-of-the-ocean, Marcos Maidana. For the longest, Mayweather treated this “fight” as the joke it is but I guess he misses the spotlight so much. Well, when did this guy NOT lie? If you are gullible or foolish enough to buy this shit – especially after that Manny Pacquiao farce – then you deserve just what you get.


So WBC heavyweight boss Deontay Wilder’s gonna fight the DREADED Gerald Washington, the ex-USC footballer? REALLY?! The United States heavyweight landscape is a big joke. Is President Donald Trump involved in this shit? I’ve seen Washington a couple of times and he’s no better than Dominic Breazeale. If Wilder breaks something from swinging so wildly, maybe Washington can get lucky but my guess is he’ll look like a footballer. Wilder really needs to stop the bullshit and give IBF titlist Anthony Joshua a call. After all, we’re tired of seeing shit like the guys he’s been fighting lately.


I’m already disappointed that there’s a postponement in the Miguel Cotto-James Kirkland fight. Seems like the “Mandingo Warrior” got his nose broken sparring. At his age, Cotto can’t handle too many delays. Now all I need is to hear is some bullshit about IBF/WBA/WBC middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs.


I also see where Rip Van Winkle Jones is fighting some guy named Bobby Gunn. Who in the hell is THAT? And here’s the REAL shocker: It’s on pay-per-view. Now somebody needs to let go of my penis because there is no way this shit is PPV. Hell, Jones might as well fight Peter Gunn.


Another possible cancellation is the Kell Brook- Errol Spence Jr. fight. All this talk about 147 or 154 is a pain in the ass. I’ll bet Brook, the IBF welterweight titleholder, would fight Amir Khan at ANY weight. Spence is on record as saying, “I have no issue fighting Brook in the U.K.” Now THAT, my friends, is a REAL man. So far, so good on the Brandon Rios-Victor Ortiz fight but it’s still early.


In recapturing his WBA featherweight belt from Carl Frampton last week, though he was impressive and it was a good fight, Leo Santa Cruz doesn’t seem to have much power at this weight. This was a rather interesting fight but I don’t see Santa Cruz going to Belfast for the rubber match, regardless of what he boasted after his win. His mentor Al “The Hologram” Haymon might have other plans for Santa Cruz. Speaking of The Hologram, he recently gave Oscar De La Drunk one more reason to hit the sauce after kicking his ass in court.


Now just what are IBF/WBA/WBO light heavyweight champion Andre “ReWard’s” future plans? There doesn’t seem to be an immediate rematch with the dethroned Sergey Kovalev. ReWard has even discussed retirement. To THIS writer, Andre’s “victory” wasn’t conclusive enough for him to just ride off into the sunset.


What’s next for newly-crowned WBC lightweight champ Mikey Garcia? He seems to be all about making up for lost time, calling out everybody from WBO junior lightweight titlist Vasyl Lomachenko to WBC/WBO junior welterweight champion Terence Crawford. Garcia seems for real about his intentions and I can’t wait. That right hand he put on former champ Dejan Zlaticanin was enough to put everyone on notice.


Am I the only person who thinks Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has an excellent shot at beating WBO junior middleweight titlist/lineal middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez? It’s gonna be an interesting fight on so many levels, the weight, the battle for Mexican boxing supremacy, for openers. We have a lot on the menu for 2017, so let’s get it poppin’. See ya next week.






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