Outside the ropes: Dec. 31, 2016

Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images


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Well, fight fans, as another exciting year in the ring draws to a close, let’s hope we get all that’s promised to us in 2017. Out with the old was legendary former undisputed middleweight/light heavyweight Bernard Hopkins getting mauled at the Fab Forum in Inglewood, California by what many felt would be a “flash in the pan,” Joe Smith Jr., the New York Bomber. If Hopkins doesn’t soon stop with all his bullshit explanations of what happened to him that night, I may have to go to Philly and administer a good shaking. He underestimated Smitty and overestimated himself one time too many. He couldn’t bullshit this youngster. I guess Smith was too naïve or too young to give a shit about what the ol’ master had accomplished over the last five decades. Hops knows the game and he knows that Papa Time is unbeaten AND untied with NO controversies on his slate. He ALWAYS wins; sometimes it just takes a bit longer. Roy Jones Jr.’s ass is next up. He’s gonna drag the wrong individual outta the crowd one night and I’ll be talkin’ shit about him, something y’all KNOW, I have NO reservations doing.


So what have we been promised for 2017? First thing up is the return of our unbeaten but fragile WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder. Wilder will be facing another one of those Polish fighters with a Scrabble board name, Andrzej Wawrzyk. To further test my spelling, on the undercard, Dominic Breazeale will face Artur Szpilka. This will be Breazeale’s first bout since he was last seen being used as a yo-yo by unbeaten IBF champ Brit Anthony Joshua. I think he should take on a soft tuneup, like Joshua’s OTHER yo-yo, the feared Charles Martin or even that Eric Molina heavybag. Last I saw of Martin, he was on YouTube ranting like a raving lunatic, talking about guns and drugs. Is he related to Adrien Broner, by chance?


If all goes well (yeah, right), March should be a really hot month. The two biggest shit-talkers Keith “One-Time” Thurman, holder of the WBA version of the welterweight title, steps to Danny Garcia, Philly’s unbeaten WBC champ. Add Danny’s PITA (pain in the ass) dad Angel to the mix and we’ve got a REAL circus. I’m riding with Thurman due to his all-around better skills but this is shaping up as some sorta grudge match. Garcia can bomb but seems a bit slow and has issues with moving targets, which (should be) what One Time will be doing. This one takes place on March 4 and I don’t think we’re gonna require the services of the judges, which is nice, given how fights have been judged of late.


On March 18, at fabled Madison Square Garden in New York City, the monster of tha fight game, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin will be out for another great “drama show.” GGG will answer the bell against homie Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs from Brooklyn, New York. Jacobs has conquered cancer but this is a different beast and no less life-threatening. Danny Boy’s a big under dog but THIS could be a shocker. Two things we’ve learned: GGG doesn’t mind getting hit and Jacobs doesn’t mind being the “hittee.” Jacobs will have to EARN Golovkin’s respect, even though that’s a very dangerous task. I hope he doesn’t come out in a petrified state, the way Michael Spinks did against Mike Tyson, just hoping not to get killed. GGG has to know that this is NOT Philly’s light-hitting Willie Monroe Jr. and NOT undersized Kell Brook and I think he and trainer Abel Sanchez will be on high alert for THIS encounter. If NOT, we’re looking at a possible trilogy.


Oops, before I get TOO far ahead of myself we have a skirmish on Feb. 18 featuring Adrien “The Problem” Broner – and does ANYBODY have a more appropriate nickname than THIS guy? Though talented, this guy is about as erratic and unpredictable as they come. Some folks are just not smart enough to play dumb. Broner will face off against Adrian (Who?) Granados. Now THIS guy worries me. Granados made a name for himself when he rallied to stop rising star Amir Imam by TKO back in November of last year. Instead of capitalizing on the upset, he fought Ariel Vasquez, who had a 12-15-2 record last July. Now either his people felt the Imam win was a fluke or he was having other issues. If he’s not right, look for Broner to walk right through him.


And to keep his Golden Goose in the headlines, Oscar De La Hoya is threatening to put Canelo Alvarez against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., which would be a huge draw and probably a helluva fight. But we’re all familiar with how Oscar rolls and I’m looking for there to be all sorts of unfair deals attempted by Golden Boy Promotions. No way will this fight come off without a hitch.


And can we FINALLY stop with the talk about Conor McGregor fighting ANY legit boxer, much less Floyd Mayweather Jr.? But I DO believe that if Floyd were to try and “bitch up” McGregor in the street, it wouldn’t go according to HIS script. And I’m tired of reading about head case Ronda Rousey, who lost her second straight fight – and likely her last – Friday night as well.


So, fight fans, this closes out 2016 for ya boy Boxing Don and I can’t wait to restart my brand of nonsense for the coming year, so, to my UCNLive family stay safe and likewise to all the rest.






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