Outside the ropes: Dec. 25, 2016

Photo credit-German Villasenor

Photo credit: German Villasenor


The following are the opinions of Boxing Don Dinkins and do not reflect the opinions of Undisputed Champion Network as whole…or do they? Parental discretion is advised…


I wonder if the Forum ushers have put away the spatula used to scrape Bernard Hopkins’ old ass up off the floor yet. “Hops” overstayed his welcome by a long shot when, at damn-near 52 years of age and out over two years, he decided to try his luck with young, strong, heavy-handed New York construction worker Joe Smith Jr. Hops got his ass broke off and served up on a silver platter and he’s been whining ever since. His excuses are limitless as well as senseless and NOBODY gives a shit. He talked on and on about being “pushed out the ring.” That’s pathetic. He just got worked and now all that shit he talked in the past is GLEEFULLY thrown up in his face by his detractors. That wise old sage Brother Naazim Richardson told Hops, “Don’t fuck wit’ that white boy,” and Hops said, “You fired.” So another legend overstayed his welcome and I have NEVER been able to understand how a person doesn’t know when he’s had enough ass-whippins. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Hopkins fought again. Rip Van Winkle (aka Roy Jones Jr.) had the audacity to say, “Bernard’s legs are old and tired.” Jones has SHIT to say. He spends more time on his back than a Century Boulevard hooker when he fights. When he was younger, Jones would NEVER leave the states for a fight, always using that bullshit excuse about what happened to him in the amateurs. But once he got iced a few times, he started collecting frequent-flyer miles. He was looking at travel guides saying, “Hmmmmm, have I slept in THIS country yet?”


There seems to be some semi-serious talks about Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fighting WBO junior middleweight beltholder Canelo Alvarez at 165 pounds. Now, I have SERIOUS doubts about THIS happening, especially since Richard Schaefer of Ringstar Sports is supposedly involved in putting this fight on WITH Golden Boy Promotions. I don’t see Oscar De La Hoya letting ‘ol Dickhead make a QUARTER off HIS fighter. And here we go AGAIN with this catchweight bullshit. I thought Canelo was a 154-pounder who was scared shitless of going to ’60 to fight unified champion Gennady Golovkin. But if it happens, it’ll sell out and, I’d say, it would be a decent fight. The way these two dick around with the scales, hell, just let ‘em fight at WHATEVER weight they come in at.


So the man from Brooklyn, cancer survivor and WBA “regular” middleweight titleholder Daniel Jacobs is gung-ho about facing “GGG.” I still see GGG getting drilled with uppercuts from IBF welterweight titlist Kell Brook and that’s one of Jacobs’ best shots. But I also see Sergio Mora, ol’ feather fists himself, dropping Jacobs while on the ropes. Golovkin is much more than a power puncher though and he showed that when breaking down the Canadian bomber David Lemieux. He won’t just war with Jacobs; he knows how dangerous he can be. But there’s STILL that Dmitry Pirog guy…


Miguel Cotto was looking for “a good name fighter” to fight and found a willing one in James Kirkland. Folks I talk to say, “Aw man, Kirkland’s back with Ann Wolfe and he’s never lost with her.” That’s true but it doesn’t seem like she has ever taught Kirkland anything more than a “Kill or get killed” attitude, as she puts it. Well, that’s the kinda shit that got him damn near beheaded by Canelo Alvarez and deposited on the mat a few other occasions. Kirkland looks like a one-dimensional, one-gear fighter to me and when THAT fails, he takes a lotta shots. Defense to him is a dirty word. I don’t think just being back with Ann is gonna save him THIS time. Ann says, “If a person leaves me a hundred times and is loyal enough to come back, I’ll take ‘em back.” If a person was “loyal”, why in the fuck would he be leaving so often?


How is it that former IBF lightweight titlist Paul Spadafora is still alive? That fool is ALWAYS in some shit. Now he’s back in jail for assaulting his brother AND his mom. He’s another Tony Ayala or Johnny Tapia. Those guys had death wishes. They probably idolize people like that ex-Patriots footballer Aaron Hernandez.


So IBF/WBA/WBO light heavyweight beltholder Andre REWard is hinting at “retirement.” Now he’s REALLY following the path of “Mr. Delusional” Floyd Mayweather Jr. He’s not too anxious to get back into the ring with Sergey Kovalev, especially if he can’t be guaranteed those three blind mice Burt Clements, Glenn Trowbridge and John McKaie will be scoring the rematch. They’d probably have to send Andre the score sheets weeks in advance of the fight. I know ONE thing: I won’t be paying MY hard-earned to see that hugfest again. Serg is making all sorts of threats now and Main Events CEO Kathy Duva’s talkin’ a grip as well.


If that damn Demetrius Andrade would do HALF as much fighting as he does talking, maybe we’d take him seriously. Every time I go on FightHype.com, there’s five articles on him and what he’d do to the Charlo family. He hasn’t fought in a while so he already has his excuse ready if he gets iced. Still, I’d rather see him than that damn sleep-inducing WBA junior middleweight beltholder Erislandy Lara or Austin Trout.


So now, it’s onward to 2017 and supposedly big fights are on the menu. One thing I DON’T wanna see is another one of our shit-talking American heavyweights taking up seating space, flying to England to fuck with IBF titleholder Anthony Joshua. I really am not keen on Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko either. When’s the last time Klitschko fought (and I don’t even count that Tyson Fury shit)? The heavyweights are back to putting folks to sleep again.


So everybody, have a safe and prosperous New Year and don’t disappoint your loved ones by being stupid on the highways. When at your Christmas get-togethers, whether at work or among family, don’t get the mistletoe confused with the camel toe. This is Boxing Don and I’m out.






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