Isaac Dogboe shocks Jessie Magdaleno, wins WBO belt with 11th round stoppage


Philadelphia fans who stayed for the main event of the Liacouras Center card were treated to a battle for the WBO junior featherweight world championship. To start things, a nice combination by defending champion Jessie Magdaleno, 25-1 (18), as he moved off of the ropes, dropped Isaac Dogboe, 19-0 (13), but in the second round, a mini-war broke out, as both fighters exchanged power punches. After a lackluster round three, Dogboe had his best round of the fight in the fourth, after landing several power shots, including a right to Magdaleno’s chin, as he was pinned in the corner.


In the fifth round, Dogboe connected with a huge right hand that floored Magdaleno. After rising to his feet Magdaleno was punished by Dogboe for the rest of the round. Magdaleno survived but was still getting blasted by Dogboe’s right hands. In the sixth and seventh rounds, both fighters continued to trade but Dogboe landed with more consistency. Magdaleno tried to make a stand but, in the 10th round, was caught by yet another right hand.


This would wind up being the beginning of the end for Magdaleno as Dogboe continued the pressure, chasing Magdaleno, while landing power body shots. This new approach by Dogboe wore Magdaleno down and, in the 11th round, Dogboe dropped Magdaleno with a right to the body and left hook to the head. All heart, Magdaleno got up but this would be Dogboe’s night. One more set of body shots and a quick left to the jaw dropped Magdaleno one last time. Referee Benjy Esteves Jr. didn’t bother to count and waved off the fight this time, at the 1:38 mark of the 11th round. Isaac Dogboe is the new WBO junior featherweight champion of the world.



Jesse Hart stops Demond Nicholson in strange ending


The action started quickly in the battle for the NABF super middleweight championship. Jesse Hart, 24-1 (20), came out throwing bombs at Demond Nicholson, 18-3-1 (17), landing a couple of clean punches throughout the round. Nicholson got the last laugh when he stunned Hart with an electric, straight right, as the round came to an end. Round three saw the action really pick up, as Hart landed a flurry of punches on Nicholson, who looked like he slipped when he went down. It was ruled a knockdown and when Nicholson rose to his feet, he tried to exchange with Hart.


A second right hand landed for Hart that dropped Nicholson again. Nicholson was clearly hurt and it carried into the fourth round. In round six, Hart was throwing more bombs, trying to get Nicholson out of the fight, but a couple of uppercuts and a serious right by Nicholson won him the round.


Things got a little strange in the seventh round. After Hart landed a thudding right hand, Nicholson got into a squat position and his gloves hit the canvas, which should have been ruled a knockdown. However referee Shawn Clark didn’t get in between the fighters and when he finally separated them, Hart jumped on NIcholson with a barrage of punches that forced Nicholson to fold to the canvas. Clark counted and should have reached the count of ten; instead he stopped counting and asked Nicholson to get up for about five seconds. When Nicholson did finally get up, that was when Clark called a halt to the fight at the 2:26 mark of the seventh round.



Bryant Jennings decisions Joey Dawejko


In an all-Philadelphia heavyweight showdown, Joey Dawejko, 19-5-4 (11), pushed the action to start the first round, which saw both fighters probing and looking for spots. Bryant Jennings, 23-2 (13), picked up the pace in the second round and landed the cleaner shots, after being hit by a low blow halfway through the round. Both fighters agreed to trade shots in the third and a sweet three-punch combination, hook to the head/body and an uppercut for Dawejko should have earned him the round. Jennings again responded in the fourth, landing a crisp right hand that caught Dawejko off-balance.


In the fifth and sixth rounds, both fighters had their moments. The Jennings supporters tried to push him to be more active. They got what they asked for, as Jennings started to land the cleaner shots in the seventh and eighth, despite the constant body attack from Dawejko, which he started since the opening round.


Entering the 10th and final round, it looked as if Dawejko needed something big to land in order to get the victory. Jennings fired away with clean shots and stepped up his work rate in order claim the victory. All three judges scored the fight 98-92 in favor of the new Pennsylvania State heavyweight champion Bryant Jennings.



Undercard results


2016 Olympic silver medalist and Newark, New Jersey, native, featherweight Shakur Stevenson, 6-0 (3), used a series of right hooks and straight lefts in combination to stagger and hurt Patrick Riley, 12-1 (6). Stevenson was pulled off of Riley before he could land anymore power shots at the 1:35 mark of the second round.


Junior lightweight Robson Conceicao, 7-0 (4), the 2016 Olympic gold medalist, remained undefeated with a six-round unanimous decision over Alex Torres Rynn, 6-2 (3). It was a lackluster fight, due to Torres’s unorthodox southpaw style. The best part of the fight were the thudding body shots Conceicao landed that almost dropped Torres.


Bantamweight and South Philadelphia’s Christian Carto, 15-0 (11), controlled the opening two rounds by using his jab and lateral movement. Distain from both fighters turned to mutual respect by the end of the fourth round, due to Edwin Rodriguez, 9-5 (5), landing some clean shots on Carto, when he decided to open up with combination punching, including a nice left hook that punctuated the best round for Rodriguez.


Rodriguez got Carto’s attention and, as a result, he started to plant his feet more in the fifth. In exchange, he landed a solid left hook that shook Rodriguez. Tense moments emerged for the first time of Carto’s career when a clash of heads forced him to move around the ring in the sixth, as he was visibly shaken.


Carto was content to box for the next two rounds and glide to his 15th win, after his toughest test, by scores of 77-75 twice and 78-74.


Kent Cruz, 14-0-1 (9), and Mohamed Rodriguez ,11-5-1 (4), fought to a subpar majority draw. It was the type of fight that seemed like neither welterweight wanted to go the extra mile to secure a victory.


Joseph Adorno, 7-0 (7), stopped Jorge Padron, 3-2 (3), at the 1:11 mark of the first round with a right hand to his body. Adorno has yet to go the distance and continues to be a lightweight prospect to watch.


Junior middleweight Marcel Rivers, 5-0 (4), controlled the action into the second round before Ronald Logan (0-3) claimed he injured his ankle. The referee tried to resume the action but the doctor at ringside waved off the contest, when Logan decided he couldn’t continue. Time of the stoppage was :49 of the second round.




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