Have paw, will draw: Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns

Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas "Hitman" Hearns: "The War," 10" X 13" watercolor and ink on cold press paper. Art by Coyote Duran (www.coyoteduran.com)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas “Hitman” Hearns: “The War,” 10″ X 13″ watercolor  paint and ink on cold press paper. Art by Coyote Duran (www.coyoteduran.com)


Good morning, UCNation; your intrepid Managing Editor Coyote Duran here. When I’m not playing with words, punctuation and structure for this fine site and RingTV.com, I play with pencils, ink and paint. Sometimes I even make something look like…something.


In this edition of “Have paw, will draw,” I’m sharing my latest commission, something extra cool and super-fun to render: A watercolor paint and ink rendering of one of the greatest fights of all time, Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, from April 15, 1985, for Hagler’s undisputed middleweight championship. The bout lasted but seven savage minutes and 52 seconds but left an indelible mark on Our Sport that will never be forgotten. So to commit to a brand-new piece celebrating this thunderous throwdown (won by Hagler) was not only welcome but was a privilege.


Now I could have completed this painting in half the time (It took me two weeks.) but I do have other responsibilities, like editing for the fine site you’re visiting now, as well as RingTV.com. It would have been finished in even less time had I not the boneheaded idea of getting mega-detailed with my layout. That one is also completely on me.


See, sometimes when one is working in pencils, it’s difficult to see the future of a piece if there are certain facets missing that can help develop depth, gradients, etc. So, I started filling in details with my leadholder (loaded with 2H graphite) to lock in the areas I needed to visualize better (kind of like getting a light at the end of the tunnel). Next thing I knew, I had an entire penciled piece done. And you know what? That’s not even a grievance! It gave me another piece to share at my personal art website! Bonus, baby!!


Your penciled version of Hagler-Hearns! Art by Coyote Duran (www.coyoteduran.com)

Your penciled version of Hagler-Hearns! Just look at that texture! (OK, that’s the paper talking…) Art by Coyote Duran (www.coyoteduran.com)


Now, as I tend to do with whatever piece I might be working on at the time, I like to share stages of each piece where something might not just make sense or an important stage is just getting ready to kick off (typically on my Instagram account). And I wound up with a heap of them like this one. It’s like there’s detail there, so you know where it’s going, or just not enough yet.



Here’s a little Marvin action, a close-up from the penciled stage…



And a close-up of the Hitman in pencils…



Believe it or not, the spot in which I edit daily and nightly boxing articles…



…is exactly where I paint and draw.



Would you like to see more? Do you have a commission idea that you would love rendered in one of many mediums? (Hey, I’m pretty reasonable. Ask my clients; they’ll tell ya!) Then don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and reach out at the following email address or my social network outlets. At the very least, keep visiting us here or at RingTV.com for endlessly entertaining boxing content!


Please click here to read the blog on the finished Hagler-Hearns piece.


Please click here to read the blog on the penciled version of the Hagler-Hearns piece.



If you have any suggestions for future boxing subjects and mediums which to render them (or commission requests. Don’t knock the hustle), please email me at coyote@coyoteduran.com; tweet me at www.twitter.com/CoyoteDuran or pay me a visit at www.facebook.com/CDCreationNation. I also have one of those Instagram thingies at www.instagram.com/CoyoteDuran.




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