Golden Boy Promotions results from the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation


Junior lightweight Jousce Gonzalez (right) vs. Juan Sandoval. Photo credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation


The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation hosted its annual benefit to fight diabetes, on Wednesday night, in Santa Monica, California, and Golden Boy Promotions provided a four-fight card at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, as the entertainment.


Jousce “Tito” Gonzalez kept his knockout streak alive in the main event, after forcing a stoppage of Juan Sandoval. The junior lightweight contest was scheduled for six rounds.


Gonzalez, 8-0 (8), may’ve kept his record and KO ratio perfect but his remarkable streak of seven first round knockouts to start his career ended, thanks to a tough Mexican opponent. Sandoval, 7-22-1 (4), had his back facing the ropes for most of the contest but his ability to move and get himself positioned on the inside had Gonzalez smothering many of his power shots. Fighting out of Glendora, California, Gonzalez had a steady jab all the way through and a body attack that highlighted his offense. After the first round, Gonzalez didn’t have a stool to sit on for his first break between rounds but it didn’t matter, as the 22-year-old’s stamina was never an issue, despite having trouble landing a power shot upstairs. Sandoval even got in a few nice shots of his own, in the form of awkward lead hooks but Gonzalez didn’t let them hinder his offensive mindset. After the fourth round, Sandoval was huffing and puffing in his corner and the commission stepped in to put an end to the bout.


Irish welterweight prospect Aaron “Silencer” McKenna earned a technical knockout win over Darel Harris, after the fight was stopped before the fifth round could start. The fight was scheduled for six.


Welterweight Aaron McKenna (right) vs. Darel Harris. Photo credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation


McKenna, 4-0 (3), came out of the great as aggressive as he typically does, but had an opponent relying just on his feet in order to survive. Harris, 1-2-1 (1), was dwarfed by the 6-foot-1 18-year old, and the strategy worked, for the most part, in round one but not without McKenna finding a handful of left hands to the body by its end. McKenna had to adjust and bend his legs in order to land that shot. He would even wait for each round to start in that crouched stance. The body work often caught Harris just before getting away but it was certainly his best work overall. Eventually McKenna was starting to stray a bit higher, as he did in the third round when he scored a knockdown, after a left hook to the temple sent Harris dropping to his backside. Harris, Sarasota, Florida, landed a couple of lead hooks that caught McKenna on the face but there was very little reaction from the forward-pressing “Silencer.” Somehow,Harris was cut on his right temple, and since it bled profusely for the entire fourth round, the commission ringside waved off the one-sided contest.


Rommel Caballero got the first win of his professional career, earning a unanimous decision (50-35 on all three cards) over Daniel Bastien, after four rounds.


Junior lightweight Rommel Caballero (right) vs. Daniel Bastien. Photo credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation


A 19-year-old junior lightweight prospect out of Coachella, California, Caballero, 1-0-1, quickly had his Mexican foe on the canvas, after a barrage crumbled Bastien in the opening minute of the first round. To make matters worse, Bastien, 4-8 (1), felt an unintentional rabbit punch on the way down but the 21-year-old managed to get up and refuse to go down again. Caballero teed off on Bastien for much of it, and eventually bloodied his nose, but the Monterrey native was asking Caballero to come forward by fight’s end, and even distributed a few thudding body shots. Bastien earned his paycheck in the one-sided beating but it was an action-packed scrap that is sure to make up for Caballero’s dubious technical draw to start his career last April.


Opening the card, Oscar Acevedo, 3-0, earned a shut-out unanimous decision (40-36 on all cards) over Ricardo Fernandez, 3-8-4, after four rounds in the junior lightweight division.


Lightweight Oscar Acevedo (right) vs. Ricardo Fernandez. Photo credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation




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