Golden Boy Promotions is here to stay…says the Golden Boy


Oscar De La Hoya


It’s been a little bit over a year since Richard Schaefer resigned from his post as the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. From that juncture, Oscar De La Hoya has taken over the reins of his company. A lot has happened since then; they have had a mass exodus of talent from the Al Haymon stable, lawsuits against Schaefer and then Haymon. They are now back with HBO and reached a detente with Top Rank Promotions.


A lot has changed since the beginning of 2014.


“I feel great about how things are going,” De La Hoya told last week. “Finally everything is transparent; finally everybody’s working comfortably, happy. We’re progressing, moving forward. It’s been a bumpy road because of everything that’s going on but we’re going to weather the storm. No matter what, we’re going to continue working. We’re going to get through the storm and then move on to everyday business.”


But there are some significant hurdles to overcome; like many other promoters in the business, they are facing the 2015 blitzkrieg of Haymon and the Premier Boxing Champions and, just recently, their association with FOX Sports 1 came to a conclusion.


Regardless, De La Hoya states with confidence, “We are in this for the long haul; there’s no doubt about it. I became a promoter back in 2002 to make sure that we continue to promote the very best and put on the biggest events in the history of the sport. I’m 42 years old and this is the sport that I dearly love and I have passion for promoting and it’s always a pleasure. It’s always a pleasure to promote fighters that never give up, like Mauricio Herrera, who’s been robbed so many times but keeps on going. Up-and-comers like Diego De La Hoya and [Joseph] ‘JoJo’ Diaz [Jr.], fighters we just recently signed like [Hector] Tanjera from Texas, who will be a sensational fighter in the near future.”


(This past weekend, Golden Boy staged a show that essentially closed out the LA Sports Arena.)


that saw an anti-climactic main event between the hard luck Herrera and Hank Lundy, which was won by Herrera in a rather unsatisfying fifth round technical decision. Diaz remained undefeated but got all he could handle from the tough-as-nails Rene Alvarado.)


De La Hoya continued,”We have fights like [Saul] ‘Canelo’-[Miguel]Cotto, who we have a long-standing relationship with and we’re going to continue promoting [Canelo]’s fights until he retires. So we have our hands full. We love what we do and we’re going to continue putting on the best against the best.”


GBP still not only has Alvarez; it promotes the likes of Lucas Matthysse, Jorge Linares, David Lemieux, along with Randy Caballero and Antonio Orozco. They do still have a pretty good amount of front line talent but will need some young prospects such as Frankie Gomez – who might be in trouble, once again, according to sources – to take that next step.


As De La Hoya returned to the office last year, he quickly found out he had a lot of cleaning up to do.


“Oh, there was a huge mess. It was a big, big mess and I’m still encountering, internally, the mess that certain people left behind,” he said, not mentioning anyone specific but you know exactly who he’s talking about. “It’s taking some time but, little by little, we’re fixing everything and so we can move on, full steam ahead. But yes, it was a huge mess.


“On the surface, it seemed like everything was fine and dandy but it was just a big ol’ mess. So it’s taken some time to clean it up but we’re almost there in cleaning everything up and, therefore, by the time 2016 hits, we’re going to be moving full steam ahead and doing what we do best.”


For the most part, the public has reacted positively to De La Hoya’s return to the business.


“I think you cannot fool the boxing fans,” he states. “My intentions are to put the best against the best and I’ve always said that all along. And by me saying, I want to put the best against the best, it’s going to put a lot of pressure on all the promoters out there. The pressure’s on them to put the best against the best and, therefore, the fans win. So this movement that I have started, it’s only good for the sport; it’s really great for the fans and people realize that. So as long as I live up to my promise – everything will be fine.”


In that vein, it will be interesting to see how well De La Hoya lives up to that promise regarding Lemieux, who just recently won the vacant IBF middleweight title. Will De La Hoya try and milk a few defenses out of him in Montreal or do what the majority of the fans want in matching him against Gennady Golovkin?


Another issue Golden Boy is facing is its inability to book events at AEG venues such as the Staples Center and the StubHub Center in the Los Angeles area, where they are located. De La Hoya recently told Lance Pugmire of the LA Times that he had encountered difficulties in securing those facilities.


They hope to stage Lucas Matthysse’s upcoming bout at the StubHub Center, in which they have not hosted a card since June of last year.


So is the venue squatting over?


”Well…I don’t know if we will ever be treated fairly on an equal basis,” De La Hoya admitted last Thursday. “I think that, this next year, everyone is going to be walking on egg shells and it’s going to be a rocky road, a bumpy road. I think, right now, it’s survival of the fittest and you have to stay on your toes. But we’re making our moves, we’re doing our business as usual, moving forward. It’s just very disruptive but, like I said, I’m in this for the long run.


“I’m going to be promoting hopefully till I’m 70 years old and then I can retire happy, enjoying my grandkids. But look, this is what I love doing. I love the challenge. I didn’t win the world titles for nothing. I worked hard. I persevered. I was knocked down. I got back up.


“That previous life that I lived as a champion has prepared me to live through these types of moments. They’re not easy moments; they’re tough moments. There’s some happy moments but I’m going to keep moving forward and forging ahead and doing what’s best for boxing.”





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