Golden Boy Boxing on ESPN results: Perez outduels Lopez in 10

Golden Boy Boxing on ESPN


Golden Boy Promotions’ second ESPN2 broadcast laid down a night of action from the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, New York. Teddy Atlas was back were he belongs on the network, spitting the knowledge of the fight game and adding some great color commentary for an equally great evening of boxing.


In the main event of the night, Marcelino Lopez, 32-2-1 (17), from Argentina took on Michael Perez, 25-2-2 (11), from Laras, Puerto Rico, by way of Newark, New Jersey. Having returned to the junior welterweight division, Perez instantly used movement to try to offset the pressure from Lopez. After losing his most recent fight by stoppage, returned to the tutelage of Raul “Chino” Rivas (of Jason Sosa fame) in order to get back to basics.


Perez was content on bouncing around the ring as Lopez tried to establish his will with hard body shots. Lopez refused to give up a step as he was hit with jabs by Perez. This was evident by the mouse that formed under the Perez’s right eye. Perez continued to move around the perimeter of the ring as Lopez landed some clean body shots to start the fourth.


As the fourth round progressed, Perez was able to keep Lopez off of him by landing the clear shots. Lopez countered with thudding body shots that led to a nice wide overhand right that connected to end a good round for Lopez. Perez realized that simply pot-shotting Lopez would not work as he was scraped by shots while he fought off the ropes. Perez capitalized on Lopez’s inactivity by catching him as he walked forward without a jab. Perez emphasized it was his round, behind combinations and defense.


Huge right hands missed from both fighters to start round six. This fight’s tone was set and Lopez’s pressure tried to nullify Perez’s angles and footwork. Inside fighting was not neglected, due to the fact that Perez was happy to allow Lopez to walk inside of his jab’s range, so he could land some hard hooks to the body and head.


Chino implored his charge to get back to his stick but Perez tried to exchange and was blasted on the chin by a huge left hook from Lopez. Lopez brought the pressure as he sensed he had his opponent hurt. After cracking Perez with another left hook, Perez did a nice job of smothering Lopez’s power shots. Perez also took advantage of the fact that Lopez started to looked a little gassed. This was the case as Lopez was throwing arm punches and stopped landing shots with his full body strength.


Perez’s left eye was swollen almost closed after tasting Lopez’s left again in the ninth. Both fighters felt the fight was close as the final stanza got underway. Perez continued to move and dip shots from Lopez while throwing combinations. Lopez smelled blood and pressed but was caught by some nice combination work from Perez. Round 10 came to a close with Perez getting out of Dodge from a big left from Lopez, who most likely wished the bout was a 15-rounder. Scores for the fight were 96-93 for Lopez, 97-92 and, 96-93 for Perez.



Rashidi Ellis outlasts John Karl Sosa in a close rumble


Welterweights John Karl Sosa, 13-3 (6), of Puerto Rico and Rashidi Ellis, 18-0 (12), of Boston, rumbled to the crowd’s pleasure in the evening’s co-feature.


The first round of action let the audience both in the ballroom and at home know this was going to not just be a boxing exhibition but a fight. Ellis decided to try and match the aggression of Sosa, who tried to offset his opponent’s skill with activity. However Ellis’ pinpoint punching, defense and clean shots decided the early rounds.


Sosa landed a great combination to start the fun in round two. To his credit Ellis returned to his one-two punching in order to slow Sosa’s aggression. Sosa showed he was game for this scrap by not succumbing to his opponent’s accuracy but instead landed his own hooks to punctuate the round.


Round three started with proof that both fighters were happy to have the audience settle in for what they were going to watch for the rest of the fight. Sosa decided he would make a fight of it by landing winging shots to counter Ellis’ skilled accuracy and movement.


Sosa’s determination willed him through the next two rounds to counter Ellis’ movement, as Ellis relied on his ring generalship to carry him with punches off each pivot to counter Sosa’s pressure. Sosa’s pressure made Ellis rethink the strategy he tried to impose on Sosa to start the fight.


Ellis started with his stick to start the second half of the fight. As Sosa continued to apply pressure, Sosa landed a left hook to establish that this night would be tough, regardless of Ellis’ adjustments. Sosa, as Atlas stated in his commentary, was able to throw punches in order to meet Ellis, showing the fight was going to be close.


As round eight got under way, it was clear this fight would be about foot work against the will of the opposition. Sosa showed, in this round, his will would carry the fight and he would counter Ellis with thunderous uppercuts. Sosa smiled and felt the tide turning as he peppered Ellis with shots. Ellis gamely exchanged to try to prevent the momentum of the fight turning.


Ellis responded with his own uppercut to start the ninth but he continued to be pressed by Sosa, who backed Ellis off with a serious hook. It became apparent that the tilting factor in this bout would be the footwork. Ellis, who was clearly on Queer Street, was busted in the mouth in the ninth round as Sosa, smiled enjoying his work. Ellis’ corner was aware the fight was hanging in the balance as the fighters touched up for the final round.


Ellis got back on his stick with footwork to avoid Sosa’s bombs. Ellis pressed forward and started to fire shots at Sosa, who agreed to exchange but, this time, he looked the more gassed fighter. As the fight drew to its conclusion, both fighters displayed, to their credit, why fans tune in and love this sport. As the fight concluded with a heated exchange, both men embraced with mutual respect. Scores after 10 quality rounds were 95-95 and 97-93 twice, for the winner by majority decision, Ellis.





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