FS1 results: Omar Douglas decisions Frank De Alba

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Omar Douglas stayed undefeated after earning a majority decision over Frank De Alba in a 10-round junior lightweight contest Tuesday night. The fight was the main event of a Premier Boxing Champions card broadcast on FOX Sports 1 and hosted at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Penn.


With his dreadlocks wrapped tightly in tape, Douglas’ combinations were just as compact and he showed early on that he was willing to be the active fighter. On the other hand, De Alba wasn’t scared of facing the conflict Douglas was declaring. In the third, De Alba timed a counter left hook that grabbed Douglas’ attention and flailed around his cone-wrapped hair.


De Alba, 17-2-2 (6), proceeded to gain the momentum of the fight going into the fourth round and, by simply letting his hands go, he gave Douglas fits on the inside. It was seemingly an even fight through four but Douglas had perhaps his best round in the fifth. He slowly broke De Alba down with jabs and hooks to the body and, in effect, slowed the action Frank had shown in the preceding rounds.


Douglas, 16-0 (11), kept the pace going through the sixth round but then a war broke out. Seemingly down at this point, De Alba decided to trade toe-to-toe with Douglas in the seventh and it produced the fight’s best stanza and had the crowd on its feet. De Alba flaunted the will he possessed in the eighth round when a Douglas left hook wobbled him badly. He was clearly stunned but it didn’t stop him from fighting back.


In the final two rounds, the Puerto Rican rallied to get himself back in the fight. Using his left hand from his southpaw stance, De Alba peppered Douglas with enough shots to eventually unravel the tape that held Douglas’ hair in the waning seconds of the final round. Yet, despite the spirited effort, it wasn’t enough to match the work Douglas had done all night, as he bested De Alba in total punches landed, 187-141.


Miguel Cruz got the technical knockout over Virgil Green in the seventh round after referee Benjy Esteves Jr. waved off the welterweight contest that was scheduled for eight.


Green, 11-4 (4), was lively to start the fight, sticking out his jab and circling around his opponent, while Cruz looked to counter off his foe’s work. By the second, Cruz, 12-0 (11), figured Green posed no threat as far as punching power was concerned and he started loading up on the counter rights. He also took advantage of Green leaving his hands low. Once the right hands started to land more frequently, Green was less mobile and one got the sense that the big shot was looming.


It first happened in the fourth but it came from a short left hook from Cruz. Once the punch landed, Green danced backward on the wobbliest of legs before his back crashed against the turnbuckle. Lucky for Green, the bell sounded before Cruz could finish him but he’d get his chance later. After two rounds of Green doing his best to not get knocked out, Cruz finally landed his overhand right to score the only knockdown of the fight. Shortly after he withstood the 10-count, Green was put into a momentary daze by a strong jab. His arms went to his sides and Cruz had a wide open target in front of him. Thankfully, Esteves was promptly there to step in before Cruz inflicted some serious damage.


In the opening bout of the FOX Sports 1 telecast, Christopher Brooker gave Leo Hall his first defeat via wide unanimous decision victory (80-72, 79-73 twice). The light heavyweight contest was scheduled for eight rounds.


Brooker, 7-1 (5), conducted the pace of the fight in the opening round, doing so by smothering the bigger fighter in Hall, 8-1 (7). Constantly, Hall found himself up against the ropes as Brooker forced the infighting and gave him no room to breathe. Hooks to the body and overhand rights upstairs kept Hall wary, flat-footed and in a scrap he was ill-equipped to fight.


In the fourth, Hall had his best round when he finally established some distance with his long jab but Brooker was back in his grill in the following rounds, leaving whatever momentum Hall had completely in the rear view. A big right hand from Brooker to end the seventh left Hall’s corner admitting he needed the knockout. It didn’t come and Brooker ended the contest with utmost confidence, knowing he was the underdog by taking the fight on a week’s notice.



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