A fight hotel indeed

Photo credit: Harry How/Getty Images

Photo credit: Harry How/Getty Images


It was a wild and entertaining night of boxing at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama, where heavyweight Dominic Breazeale opened the nationally televised card on FOX by coming off the canvas and stopping Izuagbe Ugonoh in five rounds. Then, in the evening’s main event, local hero and WBC heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder brushed aside Gerald Washington in five rounds after a slow start.


But it turns out the heavyweights weren’t done for the night.


At the Westin Birmingham – which served as the fight hotel – Wilder and his crew started an altercation with Breazeale.


Later Breazeale would post this on social media:



Dominic Breazeale post



So just what precipitated all this?


Christina Breazeale, Dominic’s wife, told UCNLive.com, “After Dominic’s fight, he came to sit ringside with me and the kids. He had our five-year-old sitting on his lap, our eight-year-old sitting between us. To the left of Dominic was Wilder’s brother, and I guess some friends, and my son was cheering on Gerald Washington because we know him personally. I guess they didn’t like that and, after Wilder won, they jumped up, started cussing, hovering over my husband and my five-year-old saying,”F’ you; you’re next. He’s going to kill you’ – stuff like that.


“So my husband stood up and said, ‘Don’t do this in front of the kids. Calm down; you’ve had something to drink,’ just trying to calm the situation. So we thought that was it. We left the arena, got back to the hotel. We went upstairs. (Dominic) got showered; we got changed, went down to the lobby to get some food. It was the cornermen, Manny (Robles), Carlos (Vargas), Jerry (Gonzalez), myself and our kids.”


And when they went downstairs…well, according to Mrs. Breazeale, Deontay was wild’n out.


“Right when we got into the lobby, where the front doors are, it seemed like they were waiting for us. It was him and at least 20-plus of his friends,” she stated, making it clear that the “him” to whom she referred was Wilder, himself. “He was the leader of the pack, the ringleader, and he and his friends bum-rushed my husband. Pushing him against the area where you check into the hotel and (Wilder) was poking (Breazeale) in the face and cussing at him, ‘How dare you touch my brother?’ and Dominic was telling him, ‘Calm down; calm down. I didn’t touch anybody. What are you talking about?’ and (Wilder) was threatening to do all kinds of things to him.”


Turned out it was more than just threats.


“Dominic got pushed in the back of his head by (Wilder’s) brother. Manny got him in the face; Carlos was pushed to the ground. I was being pushed around by his friends; my kids got separated from me. Some woman took my kids into the bathroom to protect them. It was mayhem in there,” she recalled.


So where was security during all this?


“I have no idea; there was no security,” said Breazeale’s spouse on Sunday morning, before their flight back to Los Angeles. “The police came…it seemed like it took forever.”


“I got clipped,” said Robles, who is Breazeale’s head trainer. “I got punched in the chin. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life, not from a world champion. You’re representing the WBC, man. You’re the heavyweight champion of the world.” Robles says Wilder landed a “sucker-punch” on his fighter in the hotel. “It was a big overhand right. It caught (Breazeale) right on the back of the head and he just went down.” (In all fairness, with Wilder’s technique, maybe it was just one of his usual punches.)


Just how long did this incident take place?’


“I want to say maybe 10 minutes, 10, 15 minutes – but it seemed like an hour,” said Mrs. Breazeale, who could at least chuckle a bit about such a harrowing experience. As for how things eventually dispersed, she stated, “There were people from the pub; there’s a pub connected to the hotel that were pulling Dominic and the rest of us in and trying to close the door because the rest of (Wilder’s) people were trying to kick down the door to get to Dominic. So when they closed us in, I didn’t have my kids. I didn’t know where they were.


“So I ran outside to go back through the front door to find my kids and Dominic and the rest of his team were inside the pub where they were keeping the doors closed. So once I got into the bathroom to find my kids, that’s when the police showed up and, from what the police said, they sent (Wilder’s camp) to their hotel rooms.”


There were no arrests made on Saturday night.


“The sergeant told us that a punch is a misdemeanor and they don’t arrest anyone for that,” she explained. “I said, ‘This is far worse than a punch; this was an attack by a large group of people,’ and he said, ‘Well, we can’t do anything about that.’ I was shocked; my children were still screaming, crying and this is the worst part: While he was in my husband’s face, I was begging him, ‘Please stop; my kids are here.’ My kids are standing there screaming and (Wilder) looked at me and said, ‘F’ your kids,’ in my face.”


The Breazeales plan on pursuing this matter further. “My children are traumatized. They did not sleep last night,” she said, the emotion clear in her voice.


With all that happened, they were forced to check out early.


“We were escorted by the police out of the Westin and had to stay at a different hotel and, this morning, the police had to escort us to the airport,” she said. Both Wilder and Breazeale are advised by Al Haymon, so it’s not clear if any type of peace treaty can be worked out. Breazeale’s wife told UCNLive.com, “We have our attorney on top of it, as well, as far as getting the footage from the hotel lobby because that’s the proof in the pudding. But we’re definitely going to seek legal action for anything else because our children were traumatized.”


This isn’t the first time Wilder has had incidents. He was charged with domestic abuse in 2013, which was somehow made to go away.


UCNLive.com contacted Tim Smith, the director of communications for Premier Boxing Champions, to see if the organization or Wilder and his team had any comments on the alleged incident. The reply, via email, was “Nope.”





  • It was a good night of fisticuffs on FOX. My favorite fighter, coming into this card, was Jarrett Hurd, who stopped Tony Harrison in nine rounds to win the vacant IBF 154-pound title. Hurt is a real skilled craftsman, who slowly breaks down his opponents over time, which is precisely what happened on Saturday night. Harrison built an early lead but was slowly worn down. Movement will trouble Hurd, as he’s much more comfortable counter-punching and reacting to his opponents’ attacks, rather than initiating. That said, I think he’ll consistently be in good fights and he’s got some solid dance partners around him at junior middleweight.


My sources in the Maryland/D.C. area tell me, as an amateur, Hurd was anything but a blue-chip prospect and was, by far, the most highly regarded boxer growing up. Well, he’s certainly turned into a good, solid prizefighter.


  • Wilder is just that, in every fight, since he won the title – wilder and wilder. He’s now made five successful title defenses but, in truth, he seems to be regressing technically as a boxer. And, at age 31, and 38 fights in, maybe this is just what he is: a very flawed fighter with the ultimate eraser.


  • Say what you will about Breazeale. He might be another guy with a late start in boxing but he has a ton of heart. It looked like he was heading toward his second consecutive defeat, against Ugonoh, but he found a way to hang in there and impose his size and strength. That was a fun, heavyweight slugfest.





OK, this was not a good night for FOX Sports and its graphics department. Case in point: You see anything wrong with how they list Harrison’s hometown?



Detroit misspelled



To be fair, there has been a riot or two in Motown.


But most notably, they posted this graphic of color commentator Virgil Hunter, in which they listed him as the trainer of IBF/WBA/WBC middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (which had to be news to Abel Sanchez).



Virgil Hunter-Gennady Golovkin



Now, I took this and ran with it, and had fun with a few tweets (and, I swear, I thought everyone was in on the joke)…







…which then led to this:



Golovkin dumps Sanchez



OK, OK, that was fake news, I admit. But geez, can’t anyone spot a joke anymore?





As of press time, TMZ released this video, which captured the Wilder-Breazeale fracas at the Westin Birmingham.





Saul Rodriguez was very (VERY) fortunate to get the nod on Friday night against Oscar Bravo…Caleb Plant is skilled but honestly not all that entertaining…I like Tugstsogt “King Tug” Nyambayar. He’s a real rough, rugged guy trained by Joe Goossen…Anyone see that fight on Telemundo on Friday, when that fan jumped onto the ring apron and threw a punch at a fighter? Yeah, that really happened…On that telecast Robert Rodriguez scored a highlight reel KO…“Crashing” on HBO is funny; gonna put it in the rotation…I really like this 2018 recruiting class Mark Richt is putting together at Miami (and it’s NOT to early to talk about such things)…I can be reached at k9kim@yahoo.com and I tweet (a lot) at twitter.com/steveucnlive. I also share photos of stuff at instagram.com/steveucnlive and can also be found at tsu.co/steveucnlive.





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