ESPN2 results: Mark DeLuca and Jason Quigley score body shot stoppage wins


In a quintessential hometown fight, Mark “Bazooka” DeLuca earned a seventh round technical knockout over Ramses Agaton, Saturday night, in Quincy, Massachusetts. The junior middleweight fight was the main event of a Golden Boy Promotions card televised live on ESPN2, in association with Murphy’s Boxing.


De Luca, 21-0 (13), had a nice legion of fans there to watch him at the Marina Bay SportsPlex, and the widely unknown 30-year-old quickly showed his cut-and-dry style out of the southpaw stance. The Quincy native scored a knockdown in the first round with his left hand but Agaton shrugged his shoulders as the referee gave his count, thinking it was a slip. Agaton, Mexico City, Mexico, fought well against the defenseless straight-shooter and had some great exchanges in the third, showing he was in the fight.


In the third, everything drastically changed for Agaton. A cut on his right eye bled profusely after an accidental headbutt caused it. Immediately, and twice again by the end, the referee had to let the ringside doctor take a look. Agaton, 20-8-3 (10), pleaded to continue each time throughout but in the fourth, even more bad news would come his way. After getting hit with a blatant low blow in the fourth, the referee deducted two points from Agaton, strangely. Agaton continued to fight, again having his moments, but ultimately tiring out in the fifth. DeLuca was his same aggressive self in the fight and was able to close the show.


In the seventh, with Agaton retreating to a corner, DeLuca landed a lead right to the head that made his opponent bend over, and a follow-up left hook dropped the Mexican to his knees. Agaton got up well enough in time but the referee waved it off, as Agaton pleaded to continue.


Two left hooks to the body from Jason Quigley stopped Daniel Rosario in the sixth round of the ESPN2 co-feature. The middleweight contest was scheduled for eight rounds.


It didn’t look like Rosario would get up from the initial left hook to the body that sent him into the fetal position, with about a minute left in the sixth round. But once Rosario did, Quigley was able to send him back there moments later with the same exact punch to the gut.


Quigley, 14-0 (11), came out of the gate aggressively and, with Rosario punching and landing back, it created a heated action fight for the first two rounds. Near the end of the second round, Quigley landed another big right hand to the chin and, after a short flurry, Rosario crumbled to the mat for what looked to be a knockdown. However, the referee ruled it a slip. Rosario, 11-4 (10), was able to hit Quigley through the first three rounds but couldn’t seem to hurt the Irish prospect. By the end of the third, Rosario was tired out, making Quigley’s target that much bigger. Quigley even slowed himself down in the fourth and fifth rounds but, after attacking the body all night, Rosario falls victim to becoming a highlight for the 26-year-old from Donegal.


It was an important fight for Quigley, who was coming off surgery to his right hand, after breaking it during his win over Glen Tapia almost a year to the day. Quigley showed no reservations in using the right hand and certainly showed a different type of aggression in his first fight with Dominic Ingle in his corner.


In the opening bout of the ESPN2 telecast, Yamaguchi Falcao beat Richard Gutierrez to a convincing unanimous decision win, after eight rounds of middleweight action.


Falcao, 15-0 (7), was knocked down in the opening seconds of the fight but his foot was stepped on while Gutierrez threw body shots. Falcao beat the count from the referee, who only saw him fall from a right hand, but the Brazilian quickly turned the fight around to leave no doubts. Gutierrez, 30-18-2 (19), couldn’t handle the aggression and Falcao was able to easily shoot his left hand from his southpaw stance. At the end of the fifth round, Falcao, 30, showboated for the crowd with a foot shuffle and proceeded to avenge the dubious knockdown from earlier with a left hand that caught Gutierrez while ducking. Gutierrez, 39, brought an action fight and proved to have a solid chin but Falcao did whatever he wanted until the final bell.




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