A busy Shawn Porter out-duels Danny Garcia for vacant WBC welterweight title


BROOKLYN, N.Y. – On Saturday night (broadcast on Showtime), former welterweight champions Shawn Porter, 29-2-1 (17), and Danny Garcia, 34-2 (20), started their bout for the vacant WBC welterweight title showing respect for each other while trying to establish their jabs. Garcia moved forward and was the aggressor and was able to land a hard overhand right to end the first round. A good left hook landed in the second for Garcia, who caught a few jabs from Porter. Early on Garcia was not willing to let Porter push him back and bully him around the ring but after a good start in the third round for Garcia, Porter started to gain momentum, as he started to put punches together with the aid of his movement.


This helped Porter, as he had his best round in the fourth. He got to Garcia’s body and started pushing him back, as a result. The fifth started out the same for Porter until Garcia countered with a powerful right to the body that stunted Porter’s momentum for the rest of the round. Garcia tried to counter throughout the rest of the fifth to the body. Porter came out in the sixth, sensed that his activity rate needed to pick up and started to out-hustle Garcia. It was the best round for Porter since the fourth.


Rounds seven and eight saw the action pick up, as both fighters were willing to get into some heated exchanges. Not all of the punches landed but they all were thrown with bad intentions. Porter was more active but Garcia landed some clean shots in two close rounds. Garcia had his best round in the ninth, landing the clean punches, while stunting Porter’s aggressive nature. In the 10th round Garcia stole the round with some clean work in its final minute.


Round 11 was clearly a Porter round, as again his movement and activity told the story of the round, as Garcia was not able to effectively counter. The final round saw Porter dig to Garcia’s body and back him up with clear activity but, in its final minute, Garcia landed some clean punches. It was now down to what really won the bout: Porter and his activity or Garcia and his clean counters. Judge Don Ackerman scored the fight 116-112 and Julie Lederman and Eric Marlinski saw it 115-113, all in favor of Shawn Porter. Porter was then greeted by IBF welterweight beltholder Errol Spence Jr. in the ring to propose a unification fight. Porter welcomed the fight and it looks like it could very well could happen next.



Yordenis Ugas becomes No. 1 contender with win over Cesar Barrionuevo


Yordenis Ugas, 23-3 (11), came out firing powerful body shots at Cesar Barrionuevo, 34-4-2 (24), to open their WBC welterweight title eliminator fight, which was the co-featured bout. Both fighters tried moving to start setting up power shots in the second. Ugas continued to press forward on the southpaw Barrionuevo, who tried to box at angles. However Ugas’ body shots set the narrative of the first three rounds.


Rounds five through seven five were rinse and repeat, with Ugas chasing Barrionuevo around the ring trying to land body shots to work upstairs to the head. Barrionuevo threw a monkey wrench in those plans in the eighth, as he would continuously get hit and respond by circling away and backing up. His attempts at offense were mainly pot shots and the occasional two-punch combination that left the crowd restless, as they awaited the main event.


As the fight entered its final round, it was clear that Barrionuevo would actually be willing to fight to try to land a power shot to knock out Ugas. Unfortunately the fireworks didn’t happen and the fight finished with Ugas wining on all three judges’ scorecards. Tom Schreck scored the bout 119-109 and John McKaie and Kevin Morgan both scored it 120-108. Ugas is now the No. 1 contender for the WBC welterweight title and said he is ready for a title shot.



Adam Kownacki outslugs Charles Martin to earn decision victory


Former IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin, 25-2-1 (23), tried to out-box fan favorite Adam Kownacki, 18-0 (14), in the first round. However the power punches that did land for Kownacki had his loud, passionate fans singing in the rafters.


Rounds two and three were more of the same with both fighters engaging, Martin as the boxer and Kownacki as the slugger. Again Kownacki’s stronger punches seemed to do the most damage, pushing Martin back. This paid off for Kownacki, who started to land thudding punches on Martin in the fourth. Walking through the straight shots from Martin, Kownacki landed good right hands and left hooks to Martin’s body.


Kownacki landed great body shots throughout the fifth round, which prompted Martin to come out swinging for the fences in the sixth. After doing some good work, Kownacki landed a serious right that shocked Martin, pushing him back to the ropes again. After six rounds, Kownacki seemed to be in complete control of the pace and action, until the seventh round, in which Martin did his best work of the fight, including a straight left that shook Kownacki backward for the first time.


Going into the 10th and final round, it was clear that Martin needed to stop Kownacki after a eighth and ninth round, in which both fighters landed clean power shots, as neither gave ground. Kownacki came out landing a series of right hand bombs and body shots, looking to close the show. Martin made his last stand countering and shaking Kownacki with several straight shots. Kownacki responded with bombs that almost dropped an exhausted Martin. To his credit, Martin stood his ground and landed a left hand bomb of his own to end the heated 10th round. All three judges scored the fight 96-94, in favor of Adam Kownacki. Afterward Kownacki stated that he feels he is still one or two fights away from a title shot.



Main undercard results


Amanda Serrano, 35-1-1 (26), won her sixth divisional championship, this time for the vacant WBO female junior welterweight title, with a easy unanimous decision over Yamila Reynoso, 11-5-3 (8). The scores were 99-91 across the board.


Junior lightweight Chris “LiL B-Hop” Colbert, 9-0 (3), won an easy unanimous decision over Fatiou Fassinou, 28-11-3 (15). Colbert out-boxed Fassinou with his far superior skills, winning on all three scorecards, 80-72.


Dylan Price, 7-0 (5), scored a unanimous decision over Mulapi Enjani, 4-6-2 (1), by scores of 60-54 twice and 59-55. Price is a top junior bantamweight prospect from Philadelphia to watch. He dominated each round, despite facing a stiff challenge.




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