Atlanta’s undefeated Deonte Brown on ‘Underground Showdown,’ November 4


On November 4, undefeated featherweight Deonte Brown will step into the ring at the Buckhead Fight Club in the latest installment of the “Underground Showdown” boxing series in Atlanta, Georgia.


While Brown is young, only 21, and developing, the 5-foot-8 native of Morgan City, Louisiana, who now calls Atlanta home, is looking to impress fight fans in Georgia’s capital.


Brown turned pro, last July, after fighting as an amateur, in his teens. The quietly confident 126-pounder is looking to pick up his second straight win, in as many pro bouts, after impressing fans by shutting out Stephon McIntyre in his pro debut.


UCNLive caught up with Brown, preparing for his upcoming bout against Gabriel Braxton, 2-19 (1), with trainer/former strawweight womens contender Terri Moss, to get his thoughts on how he is feeling as he approaches his second outing on November 4.


“I feel good”, said Brown. “I am looking forward to getting in the ring on the 4th and getting another win. I’d really like to get another fight in this year as well and then look towards a good 2018.”


Brown cites some strong ring models, when referring to his favorite fighters. “Oh, (two-division champion) Terence Crawford for sure. As a kid, growing up, I was a big Marvin Hagler fan. He was the guy I really liked and followed,” said Brown. “He would be the guy of the older fighters but certainly Terence Crawford of the current fighters.”


Young and still growing, Brown is making the featherweight limit without any problems these days but does see a time when he will have to move up in weight.


“Right now this is the weight I feel good at and am going to stay here,” said Brown. “I can see myself moving up though, as I build on more muscle and get bigger as I get older. I can make the featherweight limit though now, it’s just cutting the weight, you know? Be disciplined with the diet and follow the procedure.”


Asked how he would describe himself as a fighter, it is clear Brown works on a well-rounded game to deliver the whole package. He also sounds like a fighter who is going to be bringing some excitement into the ring.


“I’m slick and a powerhouse. I can shut you down and I’m am a great counterpuncher. I wanna get my win on the 4th and then try to fight again before the year is out,“ said Brown. “Then next year, I wanna keep building my record, getting my knockouts and keeping busy. I’d like to fight at least six times next year. I just want to work hard and keep going, working my way to the top.”




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