Adrien Broner’s gonna Adrien Broner

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In what was said to be a rather tense atmosphere at the Barclays Center (more on that later), where another entertaining card was broadcast on Showtime, featuring a main event between Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas, that ended up being two different fights all at once.


The first half of the fight was dominated by the activity and body punching of Vargas, who simply out-hustled the native of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the first six rounds. The consensus was that Vargas had built up a rather sizable lead on the scorecards.


But the second half of the fight saw Broner rally and he began to bust up Vargas with harder, heavier punches. By the time the bell rang at the end of the 12th and final round, it wasn’t clear just who had won.


Julie Lederman had it 115-113 for Broner, but Eric Marlinski and Kevin Morgan both had it 114-114, making this fight a majority draw.


While this was a dead heat, there’s no doubt who won the post-fight interview, as Broner went Broner (again):



OK, so he actually got Martin Luther and Rodney mixed up…unless he really thinks that Rodney King had a dream…in which everyone got along. And yeah, he probably will reference when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor in his next post-fight interview with Jim Gray. I get it; you over-sensitive types are probably hyperventilating over his latest preamble and believe there is no place for this in the respectable, pristine world of prizefighting.


Well, I personally found it – as Broner would say – hella funny.



Sorry, but if this bothers you, you’re probably taking this stuff – and yourself – a bit too seriously. As the kids say, “Fam, it ain’t that deep.” And part of the fun of covering boxing is characters like Broner, whom are as profane as they are wacky. Save your political correctness and faux outrage for something else because it says here that Broner, for all his flaws – both in and out of the ring – gives us something to talk about. Beyond that, he’s amusing.


Hey, it’s OK to like Broner.


Admittedly there are times when you laugh at him and not with him but it’s noticeable that, when he fights, boxing fans are never apathetic toward the result of his bouts. They either love him or hate with no in-between and people give a damn about whether he wins or gets his comeuppance (his loss to Marcos Maidana nearly broke the damn internet back in 2013).


And nothing has changed in 2018. Prior to this event at the Barclays Center he was “feuding” with some rapper, which may have been contrived but it got coverage on TMZ. Then at the final press conference, he threw Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe under the bus. All of this went viral and, quite frankly, gave this otherwise cookie-cutter promotion some juice.


You can say a lot of things about Broner. No, he’s not an elite fighter (the track record speaks for itself) but he is consistently in pretty good scraps and, unlike most of his Premier Boxing Champions colleagues, he actually moves the needle, in terms of public interest. It’s why he still commands seven-figure paydays and headlines cards, despite fighting in non-title, catchweight bouts.


This past week was Broner at his best/worst (depending on your perspective) but before, during and after the fight, he made things fun and interesting.


So I’m still on Bronerback Mountain – and I can’t quit the guy.





The first two bouts of this card were blowouts. First Gervonta Davis destroyed Jesus Cuellar in three rounds with a dedicated body attack:



“Tank” is a very good young fighter; no doubt about it. I found it interesting that, in his post-fight interview, he thanked everyone by name except his promoter (Floyd Mayweather Jr.). It’s very clear there is a schism between the two.


Jermall Charlo blew out Hugo Centeno in two rounds:



With the win, he now puts himself in line to eventually face unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin and, with his blend of athleticism and power, he certainly looks like a legitimate threat.





According to those out there in Brooklyn. there was heightened security for this event:





Whew, I’m just glad the Source Awards didn’t break out.





Amir Khan got rid of Phil L oGreco in 40 seconds (hey, I’m still a satisfied customer of ESPN+) and it says here it’s now time for that long-overdue U.K. showdown with former IBF welterweight beltholder Kell Brook…Nonito Donaire had some moments but he was soundly out-pointed by Carl Frampton, who, by winning the WBO interim featherweight title, is now in line to face Oscar Valdez…So seriously, are there ”hella Mexicans” in Brooklyn, as Broner claimed?…Not sure if I’m that excited by the return of “Westworld” on HBO…Is our warm weather finally back in Southern California?…I can be reached at and I tweet (a lot) at I also share photos of stuff at and can also be found at




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